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Yumi asked in TravelAsia PacificChina · 1 decade ago

Anyone knows if Taiwan is in China?

Is Taiwan in China? Some says yes, and some says no, i really wanna know the answer? So is Taiwan in China, or are they 2 different country?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Taiwan is de-facto independent and was never ruled by the current government in China (PRC). It has its own democracy but is prevented from declaring independence due to pressure from China, who claims that Taiwan is a "separatist" island that is a part of it. The UN will not allow Taiwan, a self-ruling democracy into the UN because China, a non-democratic nation will veto it.

    Historically, Taiwan has been ruled by China (under many dynasties, some that were NOT ruled by Han people, such as the Mongols of the Yuan Dynasty and the Manchus of the recent Qing Dyansty). When Chinese people argue that Taiwan should be a part of China because of its history, they are referring to this. But shouldn't they at the same time make claims to places like Vietnam? And other parts of any Chinese Dynasty in history that is not currently a part of China? So I believe the argument from history is a faulty one. And just because Taiwan has been ruled by the Chinese that does not mean it SHOULD. Taiwan has been ruled by numerous people including the Dutch and the Japanese, but no one would make the claim that Taiwan belongs to those nations. Any claim from history is inherently faulty because they appeal to archaic concepts such as "China has rightfully won Taiwan through the Chinese Civil War" but no one today agrees that any nation has the right to fight a war and "rightfully win" another land. Today we have a concept known as "self-determination." Any claims from Taiwan being a part of China in history is also faulty, as the US was a part of the UK and the Chinese would also have to claim that the US is a part of the UK today, and other similar examples.

    Language and culture-wise, Taiwan is VERY different from the Mainland. We both speak Mandarin but Taiwanese people also speak Taiwanese. Plus, our Mandarin is different than Mainland Mandarin. Many of the words and phrases we use are different and are a result of Taiwan's history apart from China.

    It is not up to the Chinese to decide the sovereignty of Taiwan. Since Taiwan is a democratically ruled nation that is already de-facto independent from China, it is up to the Taiwanese people. Not the ROC or the KMT or any ruling body, but the Taiwanese people. And Taiwanese people does not equal the ROC or KMT, but the people who live in Taiwan and who exercise human rights. No one in Taiwan thinks that they are a part of China. No one wants it to be a part of China. Ethnically, Taiwanese people are Han but statistics have shown that more than 90% of Taiwanese people have part aborigine origin and thus can claim to be a separate ethnicity from China. Taiwan people have their own cultural identity. Though the KMT tried to suppress that when they took over Taiwan by restricting the Taiwanese from speaking Taiwanese and forcing us to learn only Chinese history. Today the emphasis is on Taiwan history and culture, and Taiwanese is taught again. Another reason why a claim from "Chinese culture" fails is that again, the US and the UK have speak the same language and have similar cultures. But no one would take seriously a Chinese person who claims that the US belongs to the UK.

    The truth is, Taiwan has never been able to rule itself in history. It was first taken over by the Dutch, then by the Chinese, then when it was sold out to the Japanese, Taiwan declared independence, but was then invaded by Japan. After the Chinese Civil war, it was then ruled again by the Chinese ROC, which was considered a "foreign regime" in Taiwan ruled by Mainland Chinese people which the Taiwanese people disliked and mistrusted. Now that it is a thriving democracy and has elected its own politicians (not ones who fled mainland China after the civil war, who are not even Taiwanese people), the name "Republic of China" is also out of date, since no Taiwanese person makes the claim that the ROC is the sole ruler of China. Taiwanese people just want to have their own country (which they already have), and be able to call it their own name with pride.

    Source(s): I am Taiwanese.
    • lee4 years agoReport

      The precondition you compared the relationship of taiwan&china with UK&US should be Taiwan is a independent country.otherwise it is bullshit.

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  • 6 years ago

    Technically, Taiwan is part of China because only a few countries recognizes Taiwan as an independent country and also Taiwan isn't recognized as an independent country in UN, well they used to before Communist China pressured them to change recognition.

    Despite that, Taiwan still governs itself like an independent country, they vote their government official and such. The difference is Taiwan can't join most of the international groups, if they can they can only use the name Chinese Taipei and not Taiwan.

    China still claims Taiwan but Taiwan refuses to be part of China. But they can't also declare independent because of the missiles targeted to Taiwan by China just across the Taiwan Strait. So up until now they are still on the status quo.

    Still many people consider those two as different countries.

    But If you are saying geographically, no Taiwan is not in China. Taiwan is an island across the Taiwan Strait, above Philippines and close to Japan and South Korea.

    Also not to confuse you, Taiwan's official name is Republic of China while China's official name is People's Republic of China. Taiwan's government is Democracy while China's, Communism.

    Source(s): I'm born in Taiwan. And have read many many things about that.
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm going to answer this question with a common sense approach regardless what the history books tell you.

    1. The Taiwanese carry a Taiwanese passport. When they go to China, I need apply for a "visa". And when the Chinese visit Taiwan, they need to do the same.

    2. The Taiwanese can vote for their president in Taiwan, but the people in China cannot.

    3. The Taiwanese travel internationally, including China, with their Taiwanese passport. The Chinese in China travel with a Chines passport.

    4. The Taiwanese can visit many countries, including the U.S., without getting a visa, but the Chinese with Chinese passport cannot.

    5. The Taiwanese can voice their opinion without worrying about getting arrested and the Chinese in China cannot.

    6. The Taiwanese have all the freedom they want in Taiwan, but the Chinese in China cannot.

    Now you can decide if Taiwan belongs to China or not. I don't think so. If it cracks like a duck, walk like a duck, it's a duck. Taiwan has become an independent country, Republic of China, since 1949 who acts on it's own, except in the United Nations and the U.S. because no country wants to offend CHINA, People Republic of China. The relationship between China and Taiwan is like North and South Korea. Don't anyone tell anything different.

    Source(s): My parents were born in China and left for Taiwan for good in 1949 to escape from the Communist ruling. I was born and raised in Taiwan.
  • 5 years ago

    No, Taiwan is not in China. Taiwan has it's own government, separate from China's.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Taiwan which is supposedly a province of China, is situated close by the Fujian Province of the Mainland.

    The army of the Republic of China lost the civil war to The People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, then fled to the Taiwan Province until the present day. That's why the official name of Taiwan is The Republic of China.

    PRC remained in the Mainland ever since, tried several times to regain the control of the Taiwan Province but never able to.

    Taiwan is comprised of over 95% of Han Chinese sharing same languages and cultures as the Mainland's. Historically it did split up with the Mainland a couple of times and at the end it also did reunite with the Mainland, the most recent separation was when the Ching Dynasty defeated the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago, the Ming soldiers fled to Taiwan just like the army of the Republic of China did in 1949. Eventually the Ching Dyansty managed to get back Taiwan from the Ming.

    It is believed that given time Confucious' beliefs and Dr Sun Yat Sen's doctrines will be the essential elements to unite the 2 places together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let me tell you something. Taiwan has been a part of China since 2000 years ago. People in Taiwan speak Chinese, write Chinese. They both belong to Han people. Some people with political purpose wanna separate Taiwan from China and not doubt this is wrong and never works.

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    • Want to separate them?  They are already separate!  Only the PRC wants to annex Taiwan by force, which of course the Taiwanese do not want.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Taiwanese is a nation but fell in to China after the civil war Taiwan became independence. Nowadays China want to grab Taiwan but U.S.A warn, on the other hand Taiwan is strong too.

    China combined of many nations and they don't understand each other unless they speak Madarin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Taiwan = Republic of China

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Yumi,

    Click on the below link to know whether Taiwan is a different country OR is a part of China. This will help u surely.

    click below link

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  • Physically Taiwan is an island of 35,801 km2 in area to the east of China Mainland separated by a 180 km wide Taiwan straits. you could google maps to view.

    You could take a look at Taiwan wiki for in depth study of geography, history, culture and politics.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If Taiwan is part of China, then the whole world would be part of Spain or UK since they invaded and colonised most regions around the world. If you wanna ask the real answers, here is not a good place. How do you expect brain-washed communist Chinese would give you a correct answer?

    Words of wisdom: Never trust Chinese at any cost

    Source(s): Taiwan is independent on its own, China is just jealous and can't get enough of our pop culture...
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