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Is Sax Harder to play than guitar?

My brother is a 6th grader and he can take Band. He is going to play the Alto Sax I am not in Band but I play the guitar and I don't mean i know 2 chords kinda guitar I can really play. He keeps saying Sax is harder than guitar can tell us what is harder to pay. Alto Sax Or Electric guitar???



My brother just started to play he has not even pushed one on the keys yet. all he has done is blow and I hate it its so loud and uhhh irritating.

I also get that they are not the same but say you played both what would you say is harder. I am getting alot of sax player but how many of you have played are guitar its not easy as put your finger on a string. My pinking is really small and it makes it harder for play bar chords and all you have to do on the Sax is hit keys. Not doing shapes. like on the guitar

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    Depends on the person playing, usually.

    Both have vastly different techniques and methods of playing. You'll find, for example, that if you have a better diaphragm strength then Sax will be easier, as you don't use your diaphragm to play Guitar... but then, you don't move your left hand up and down the fretboard on the sax, so if you have a stronger physical memory then guitar would be better.

    They're really incomparable. To play an instrument WELL is equally difficult, regardless of what the instrument is. Once you're starting to study tone, projection and so on, then the same sort of rules apply. An instrument becomes familiar to the person who plays.

    Honestly, this question is like asking if it's better to eat with Knives and Forks or Chopsticks. It's just what you're used to.

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    Well.... I hesitate to say that one is 'harder' than the other... I mean, there is always unexplored territory with any instrument, and ways to be better.

    But guitar is like piano... it can be any voice in any composition, or several at the same time even, if you're THAT good (check out some classical Spanish-style stuff where the guys fingerpick two or three parts at once).

    If you have weak lip/lungs, sax will be HARD. If you have sausages for hands, guitar will be hard.

    Ok ok... I'll say this.... guitar is POTENTIALLY more complex than sax, but both instruments are relatively easy to just pick up and play. I personally found sax (and clarinet, and flute... hell... most keyed wind instruments) very easy to pick up and start tooting, but I'm not concert-level or anything.

    Guitar is potentially more instrument, but neither are really harder to play.

    I'll give one example... with a sax, you NEVER have to be concerned with different chord voicing, as a sax doesn't play chords... just one note at a time. But if you can play, say... Flight of the Bumblebee one note at a time on the sax, at speed, with good, clear phrasing, you got ONE HELL of a lip!

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    I hate to agree with your brother, but an Alto Sax is much harder to play than a Guitar.If you don't believe it, ask your brother if you can borrow his Sax and try to play it.

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    saxophone is one of the easiest wind instruments to learn to play.

    it's hard to get very good at it, but it's easy to learn.

    but you really can't compare learning saxophone with learning guitar. reading music for saxophone is probably harder than reading music for guitar, but a sax and a guitar are completely different.

    there is no comparison.

    it's fairly hard to get good at whatever instrument you play anyways.

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    It's really hard if you get kicked out of guitar lessons for throwing an Easter egg at some kid's head. All I ever learned was "He's got the whole world in his Hands".

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    They are completely different instruments, so there is no direct comparison.

    A saxophone player must be concerned with embouchure, breath control, breath support, fingering, and intonation.

    A guitar player must be concerned with chords, rhythm, and picking.

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