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Names...Husband vs. wife on boy name?

Ok my husband and I are ttc and I have fallen in love with the name Landon. My husband does not like the name but I don't want to budge on any other boy names at all. Our last name is Bonk so it is not a common name and I think we really have to watch the names that we pick for the child's sake *lol* I love Landon Thomas Bonk and my husband likes the 1st name of Bo...Bo Bonk is just wrong to me...What do you think...Please help!!! I can not & will not name my kid Bo Bonk *lol*


Ok my husband want's to spell it Bo not Beau and I told him the same thing we can get a cat or a dog and name him Bo *ha ha* Not our child. I will do what ever it takes to not have my child's name be Bo *lol* Even if that means me picking another name other than Landon *lol*

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    LMAO my husband loves the name Bo too. dont you HATE it?! i couldnt decide on a name for a boy, so i just left it up to my husband to give me a few names and we would pick a favorite we could agree on..Brody. Maybe come to an agreement or give him more time to get used to it. Explain to him how much you like the name and how much it means to you. Hopefully he will agree or you two can meet in the middle.

    Another term of my husband naming brody is that i get to name our next baby lol

    oh, and it would have been Bo Brincks over just a tad better than Bo Bonk lol

    EDIT: my husband wanted it BO too, not Beau. He wanted to name him after Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard -_-

  • 1 decade ago

    Do not name you son Bo, please don't do that to your son! My name rhymes with melon and that was enough reason for some kids to tease me. Bo Bonk is just a ridiculous name!

    You should try a deal with your husband: he stops suggesting Bo, you stop suggesting Landon. Because you have a somewhat unusual last name I would give your son a fairly normal name that is more than one syllable and can't be shortened. These are the suggestions I came up with:

    Ethan Thomas Bonk (I like Thomas as a middle name!)

    Ryan Thomas Bonk

    Aiden Thomas Bonk

  • 6 years ago

    Names...Husband vs. wife on boy name?

  • 1 decade ago

    I like the name Landon! its really really cute and Landon Thomas Bonk sounds really good to me!

    Do not let your husband name him Bo.. that is wrongg lol!

    Here's some name suggestions maybe you can both agree on one of these.
























    My favorite is Levi, Noah, and Lucas!

    =) good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've always loved the named Landon. It's very unique. And Bo Bonk... He will get teased so bad (B.O. Bo smells like BO, lets bonk Bo, no good)

    My husband here says Boba or Lando if you love Star Wars of course! LOL! Men have the craziest ideas!

  • Bo Bonk....Hahaha, that made me laugh so much. Maybe you should show him this, he doesn't want his son to be a laughing stock, surely! I think Landon is ok, each to their own, just express how much you love it and maybe he'll come around to the idea. If he really wont budge then enforce the notion that its not fair for him to just choose the name, accept the fact that Landon isn't going to happen and come up with something you both like. Go on a baby name generator, something that you both love might just pop up!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Leon Jon Bonk

    Leon Braxton Bonk

    Leon Sheldon Bonk

  • Maybe you can see if he lets you choose the first name (maybe different than Landon), he can choose the middle name (but it can't be Beau). This way, you could reach a compromise and neither of you would have to deal with the name you hate. Or Landon Beau Bonk....Well, I dunno. But you're going to have to come to some sort of agreement, and I suggest you do it soon. Hope this helped (:

    Oh, by the way, I absolutely adore the name Landon! Maybe a good middle name for Landon could be Oliver....if you can get your husband to go for that ;) haha well good luck!

  • Landon I love

    Not as crazy about Bo - especially with the surname. He could become BoBo

    Avoid Bob as well

    Good luck sweetie

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    4 years ago

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