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What exactly makes us human?

I'm writing a song for a school project and the topic is,"What makes us human?" Can anyone give me a couple ideas as to what exactly makes a human human? Much appreciated! :)

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    ...compassion for others and appreciation for life...

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    bipedal,intelligent and tool wielding Homo Sapiens (scientific term for humans)

    It dates back when homo sapiens were still evolving. We devised plans to take down powerful prey.We developed tools that made things easier. That is why we established "packs" to carried out plans. Then many years later we established civilizion that no other animal achieved yet. So we were no longer considered "wild". We are social because we are surround by humans that is how we form friendships. But some people are fine staying solo. We developed emotions that are more complex than animals because of our highly developed brain.

    Source(s): Here is a little history on humans.
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    there are dissimilar issues that distinguish people from the different animals, however the main well-known good points in people that are a techniques greater appropriate to the different species is our sentience, creativity, our skill to rationalize, empathize, love, and understand precis recommendations, and to understand greater complicated recommendations of reason & consequence. We additionally haven't any real instincts. in keeping with the guy who quoted Sartre: "i think of, subsequently i'm," replaced into meant to be a assertion to instruct one's own existence, whether the character of one's existence is unknowable. it is like asserting, "this may well be the Matrix, and not something would exist, yet because of the fact i think of, i understand that I exist in some style."

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    Extreme Sentience

    Extreme Ego

    Extreme Sicknesses

    Extreme Variety

    Extremely Wasteful

    We're nature's Borderline screw up

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    A human is a species that is declared by scientific classification. Science tells us what is a relative of a certain type of being and whether or not it is an offshoot. i.e. ape/man/chimp

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    If your asking what makes us "special" or..."the biggest difference between us and all other animals" then I would say ..

    ..our capacity for language

    highly advanced memory centers

    capability for reflection and self recognition

    and of course being able to surrender our emotions to reason.

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    I don't have anything poetic.. What makes us Human? The ability to Reason.

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    23 pairs of chromosomes, and the capacity for sapience.

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    Sympathy,kindness and understanding make us human.

    Source(s): The Oxford Advanced Learners Dectionary and The Random House Dictionary of the English Language
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    big ego

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