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    A tv review


    The plot for the show 24 is interesting: there is going to be an assassination attempt on the life of Presidential Candidate David Palmer (an African-American, played by Dennis Haysbert). Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), a CTU operative, has to stop the plans. On a personal note, he and his wife Teri (Leslie Hope) are having trouble in their marriage, but working on it. Their daughter, Kimberly, (Elisha Cuthbert) is very rebellious and often in trouble.

    24 is a great show with a good solid plot, and for the most part good morals. I do not recommend this show if you can't handle a fair amount of violence (gun fights.) Although the main character, Jack Bauer, a CTU agent, has a rocky marriage, he will stop at nothing to save her and his daughter. The show teaches that it is better to save a difficult marriage, than to divorce or separate. It teaches to never give up, and that determination pays off.


    I ran against the traditional grains of the societies it conquered, Islam is the tradition of these societies. Hence, D'Souza's argument for reaching out to moderates and traditionalists in the Islamic world is a defensible approach given the paucity of alternatives. The problem, as critics often very capably demonstrate, is that there is also a severe paucity of moderates and traditionalists on whom the U.S. can rely. So, we've got a big problem. The Left wants to say we don't really have a problem at all. And some on the Right want to make it much bigger than it is. Unfortunately, D'Souza's analysis doesn't succeed at finding a defensible middle ground. But he deserves credit for trying.

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