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作文主題是keep in shape

我不知道文法對不對 也不知道寫的好不好




More and more people want to keep in shape , but they don’t have a good way to do it. There are a plenty of thing that they can do.

One change you can make to your daily life is get enough sleep not stay up, another change you can do exercise everyday ,the other you can eat some healthy food.

Some inexpensive activities you can try are play tennis, go jogging and go hiking. They don’t need money and can make you lose weight easily and keep your body healthy.

If you have a little money to spend, one is you can go to gym ; another you can also go to doctor, he can tell you something is the best for you that you can do.

There are so many ways you can do to get your body in shape. Do it and you will keep in shape.

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    More and more people want to keep their shapes, but they don't know exactly how to find a good/nice way to do it. There are a plenty of things that they can do.

    You can make a little different changes in your daily life. First, getting enough sleep and don't stay up at night. Second, doing regular exercise every day. Third, eat healthy food.

    There are still some activities which will not cost you much. Includeing playing tennis, going jogging or going hiking. They are cheap and can keep your shape slender and your body strong.

    If you have some money available, you can still go to the gym.

    If you need some advice of losing weight, you can ask a doctor. He will give you the best advice that you can do.

    We know many ways you can do to keep your shape. Just remember to do it and you can make it come true.

    To know is one thing, and to do is another.

    Please don't let these words lie on your bed.

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