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What do you think of M Moore in this speech he made?

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the part i want you to see is the first 20 secs when Moore was speaking but his style made me think of one person can you guess ?

and also fact check the EPA was not created by Nader but Nixon


i was just caught by the way he put his hands over his he he" man boobs"Thats the same move Hilter did when he was putting a exclamation point on his speech.

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    Michael Moore has a dislike for the USA, but he lives here. Michael Moore doesn't like how the U.S. government treats the people, but he lives here. Michael Moore has never spoken of how he treats people who help him put lies on screen. Michael Moore wants people to think he is some poor man trying to get rich by the way he dresses. Funny, Michael Moore wants to "help" people, yet he allows theaters and stores to charge for the crap he puts on the screen and dvd. I am not going to see anything about Moore or watch any crap he puts on the screen.

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    M.Moore is a partisan nutcase.His only decent films were Bowling for Columbine and Roger and Me.The rest was simply attacks on those he disagrees with (9/11).I give him credit for speaking his opinion and making millions doing it,but he is one of the biggest examples of how partisan politics devides this country,yet unwittingly shows how the parties in question are the same thing,different name.

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    It sounds like typical Michael Moore drivel. He can be as passionate about his drivel as he wishes to be- is est qui est.


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    Michael Moore is a tool...nuff said.

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    I do not waste my time listening to fat child molesting perverts

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    I really don't want to look at Michael Moore right before I go to bed...but thanks anyway.

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