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Traveling to Camp Lejeune?

If I were to visit my boyfriend at his MOS school where would I fly into? Where is the closest airport and city I would be able to stay at? Sorry this isn't exactly a military question, but I assume people here would have a little more information. Thanks a lot!

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    OAJ is the closest airport. There are a bunch of hotels and motels in the area. Stay away from the triangle area - it's just nasty. Your best bet is one of the newer hotel chains near Western and 17...close to the old circuit city, on Moosehaven.

    If he has a car, or if you rent one, stay at the holiday inn express in Sneads Ferry. He'll want to get away from all the Marines in Jacksonville, and Sneads Ferry/Topsail/Surf City is a lovely little area.

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    Camp Lejeune is bordered by Jacksonville, NC, and is a conventional militia city. the backside is great, and is paired up with quite a few different Marine centers interior sight (Camp Geiger, Cherry element Naval Air Station - and there is the army's ft. Bragg over in Fayetteville, no longer some distance away.) even even with the undeniable fact that, the interior sight inhabitants there is classic lowcountry Carolina, and has a tendency to be complicated to get to comprehend. For a single individual or a pair, Lejeune is very nicely, as there are Atlantic seashores interior attain and an excellent style of effortless get entry to to the east coast cities. For a kin with infants, even even with the undeniable fact that, i think of you the two would be happier in California. the tutorial gadget and the youngsters' interactions with others would be of a lots greater high quality. And, you nonetheless have ocean interior sight. Neither place is 'happy city.' Semper Fi.

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    Jacksonville NC (right outside Camp Lejeune) has a regional airport, I think its called Ellis Airport, very small... (10-15min from base) which means you'll prob fly into a Charlotte or Raleigh first. If you do fly into that airport there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping ect within minutes to base. The only other airports around here are in Wilmington ( 1hr away from base), Raleigh (2 1/2 hrs), or in Charlotte (4 hrs from base) Sooo it might be more expensive to fly into Jacksonville because its a smaller airport but its worth it!!!!!!! Trust me!

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    Jacksonville NC is about the closest airport I think, mind you its been a few years since I went there.

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