What is the poorest region in South America or Latin America?

I would like to, someday soon, purchase some land in South or Latin America and plant it with 1/2 cash crop to support myself and the land, and 1/2 food crop for the natives or whoever needs it. Preferably I would be looking for a fertile area with a needy community to start this project on, and if it works well, I would like to try to expand to other areas in those countries. It doesn't matter what kind of cash crop I grow as long as it supports the "farm". The same goes for the food crop. It would just go to the local community or whoever needs it most and I would like to provide this crop free of charge if at all possible. Any help or information on anything pertaining to this venture would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Bolivia in overall the poorest country in Latin America - life standard is terrible. But in a way, they want it this way, is what I think - it's a country with very strong indigenous roots and it's usually the indigenous who are considered "poor" in their extremely simple, traditional houses in extreme landscapes living under extreme conditions.

    Mentioning you need fertile land - I have travelled a lot in Bolivia. One time, I got a ride with a oil-cargo boat on Mamoré River, which passes through Trinidad and goes all the way up to the border of Brazil where it changes to Rio Madeira in Brazil. Well - I asked the staff on the boat how much it is to buy a land in the area - this is Amazon jungle in the Beni region - and they told me, in fact the land is free, for those who want to work it, but they need to get the people owning the neighbouring lands around yours, to accept you in the community. This shouldn't be all that tricky - all just about negotiations. But what's trickier is being a foreigner wanting to establish something in Bolivia - you probably wouldn't be able to make it in your name, but would have to get an ally in Bolivia, someone you can trust, to help you with this one and have all papers on his/her name.

    You could also consider the lands of the Yunga region which is very fertile - there are some extremely poor communities there who need some serious development but buying land there will cost something, next to the Amazon which is free.

    Bolivia is an amazing country.

    Source(s): Well travelled pretty much all over Bolivia.
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    In South America, Bolivia is the poorest country, and Paraguay is number two. If you're looking for a large amount of farm-able land, Paraguay would probably be your best bet. Just watch who you're buying it from, you might actually be taking the land from the natives who you want to help. The Brazilians do this in Paraguay sometimes, except without the intention of helping.

    If you have any questions about Paraguay, I lived there for six months and might be able to be of some assistance...

    Source(s): I lived in Paraguay.
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    Yes, I would say Bolivia too. Additional to what the other person who answered said, I want to say that, Bolivia has very fertile lands (sorry, Im not sure about the translation), i mean, you can cultivate many things there, specially potatoes and something called quinua, which is like a bean. Recently i watched a program in discovery with a cheff that goes around the world eating weird stuff and he went to Bolivia and people looked very kind and friendly.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Im latina
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    Now the more poor country from Latin America is Haiti, Brazilian troops are administering the country under the orders of the United Nations. Bolivia and Paraguay are poor countries put has natural resources that they can be explored, Haiti no, their finances are exhausted as a consequence of the bad administrations.

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    Latin American can include Central America and the Caribbean also. In Central America, Nicaragua would hold the title of the poorest country in the region due to a long civil war and earthquakes. In South America, it would be Bolivia due to their landlock status and having a large indigenous population. In the Caribbean, Haiti is considered the worst in terms of economic prosperity and life expectancy.

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    Are the Jewnited states of Amexico now looking in to Latin Americas strong economy? Yes, to the Jewnited States benefit. Because the United States are broke.

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    I would have to suggest Honduras to you it is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. You should check out La Esperanza/Intibuca it is where alot of NGO's go and the locals are very poor. We have several properties here for sale that many people (mostly ex-patriots from the U.S.) have bought for self sustaining ranches and farms. It is a very fertile area and would be great for a cash crop venture. It is very close to El Salvador, which is great for exporting crops since, for the most part, they do not grow their own food. You could export your excess crops to El Salvador if you wanted to turn a profit on some of it. There is much money to be made off of cash crops here. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me at asher@gruposantiago.net

    Source(s): Guatemalan and Honduran resident
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    My guess would be Bolivia. A mountainous country with a heavily indigenous population. While mountainous countries have fertile valleys, I suspect that these have long been controlled by the Elite.

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