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Who Is Most likely to win between a Colombian - Venezuela war?

I have been told that the Venezuelan army has better waepons, but that the colombian it´s not only better trained but lots more experienced. I would like objective answers only please and numbers as well. ( I have to do an essay about colombia-venezuelan conflict so please try to be very precise)

Thanks a lot!

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    Venezuela should of acted quickier ,it may be to late,if the bases are becoming occupied then I would not think it would be wise for Venezuleans to attack ,The are in a good position with tehre connection with Farc and ELN to do some heavy duty damage if they can locate high ranking military officials and mussle there way in through bribery less deaths can be avoided.The Venezuelans I beleive may attack ,I am unsure I hopr they do in hopes that the Socialist revolution will spread I would desert everything to join them in the fight.

    They are good people

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    I think it would go either way, because it won't be just Colombia versus Venezuela, but rather the USA versus Russia and China in a proxy war where Colombia and Venezuela are the proxies.

    The Vietnam War was also a proxy war.

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    i could say Europe's of the former u.s.. The conflict would be an air potential/ army duel. even however the US dose have plenty greater stealth airplane- the Russians have basically a pair. we don't have sufficient to take out their industry in a days- which will ought to truly on non stealthy AC. The Russians have a greater complicated advert community than we do- for this reason the reason we invested in stealth. interior the sea conflict- the subject that is composed of play is will the US have the means to get a foot carry on the biggest choke factors- England Gibraltar and the Jutland pininsula. If the Europeans landed interior the US i don't think of they could make it previous apilachia- because of the 2nd admentment. The rednecks and hillbilies could %. off their adult males. be conscious to R international conflict I we had the French and British empire international conflict II Britan and the U.S. and greater insutrial ought to.

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