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can you help me on these questions about the civil war?

my teach said to find da ones we didnt kno on the internet...and this is the internet

1) who was the union general in the battle of Gettysburg? full name plz

2)After victories in vicksburg and chattanooga, Lincoln announced that this person would be the camander of all the union armies, what was his full name?

3)Who took control of grant's army after grant's advance,ent and eventually took atlanta in september of 1864? full name

4) whose charge on the union center on cemetary ridge would end the battle of gettysburg?

5)Abolitionist and african american leader who said of the emancipation proclaimation "we shout for joy that we live to record this righteous decree"

6)lincoln replaced this general with ambrose burnside after his failure to win at antietam

you dont have to answer em all, just whatever u kno or can find


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    No problem.

    1.) General George Gordon Meade

    2.) General Hiram Ulysses Grant (The S. was not his real name, but a nickname he got at West Point by accident. It stuck)

    3.) General William Techumseh Sherman

    4.) General George Edward Pickett

    5.) Frederick Douglas

    6.) General George Brinton McClellan

    Anything else?

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    The popular answer to question 4 is Pickett but it's not entirely accurate. The assault on the third day was led by three generals; Pickett, Pettigrew and Trimble.

    Trimble was killed in the action that afternoon and Pettigrew was killed during the retreat across the Potomac on July 4th. Thus only Pickett (and his publicity-aware wife) were left. That's why it's known as Pickett's Charge.

    History is truly written by those who are left.

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