question for the guys: about a woman's body?

This yahoo site is perfect to stay anonymous, so go ahead, express yourself, guys!!

I would like to know, how many guys secretly "analyse" your girlfriend's body parts? In other words, let's just use sex as an example. Do you think to yourself -- but would never verbalize it to her: sex was awesome, but i find her butt is too big, or don't really like her breasts, or she should try toning those thighs or belly, lose weight, etc. ?? Do you like/love the whole package, if so, does it only work this way if it's your girlfriend/wife, but if it's one night stand you are more critical -- again "to yourself" without letting her know? I would like to know what you guys "secretly" are thinking to yourself about women...

They say men are very very visual and a lot more critical about women, than women are about men. Women often will see their man/boyfriend as a whole package, plus the personality and financial status --- very important. (proof: an ugly rich guy will often be with a pretty woman)

What goes on in a guy's mind (in normal times and/or after sex): that's my question. I think a lot of women would like to know too.



Crumb -- you are MONUMENTALLY psychologically deranged and unbalanced! Your name really suits you! It is amazing that not many more people actually block you!

Update 2:

Billie -- no I am not very young at all. This is only a general question; sort of like a SURVEY! I wanted to see what guys are really thinking about women. I never said I am insecure or that the question has to do with me. I enjoy learning stuff, and that includes what people are thinking about different areas of their lives, their philosophy, etc.

Update 3:

Gosh! It is very hard to choose betwen Thomas, Badbobby, Jakeb, Yaktur, Micheal, Bill, and Bill B. I like your answers, guys! Thank you for your honest answers!

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  • Bill
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    1 decade ago
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    Well, I have never give it a thought to be honest with you Rona, I tend to have feelings for someone before getting intimate. I'm not gonna say I didn't have one night stands back in the day when I was young but I wasn't critical or those thoughts never entered my mind. I dated skinny girls, plumps and borderline overweight, but I always get to know them first. Once you get to know someone, the rest is irrelevant to me. I couldn't answer for everyone but I know a few guy friends I have that are kinda shallow, self centered, vain and egocentric that make nasty comments about women's butts, T i t s, body type, face you name it.

    During or after sex I just enjoy the person, but once again, that's me.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hiya Rona,

    What a question ... :)

    An interesting one, and an impossible one to answer for the answers will change continually ...

    For example, does it mean, that my thoughts of today, are my thoughts of next week? Next year?

    I remember, some forty four years ago, at the age of 12, every female was so ... magical and wonderful ...

    Then the same later on ...

    And of course, the alcohol can surely play a part in thoughts...

    Then the years of marriage, can surely play a part ...

    The body evolving, changing, the mid evolving and changing ...

    To enjoy the physical experience is usually what counts the most, and as a person becomes less selfish, the physical enjoyment of the partner is more pleasurable than for one-self...

    Does it really matter what goes on, in the mind?

    Sometimes, it may be the evenings meal that a guy may be thinking, and the woman thinking of the washing tomorrow ...

    Enjoy whatever you do, and any rhetoric, can certainly spoil the party ...

    And by the way, now, at the age of 56, I know that the female energy is wonderful and magical ... It's like being a teenager again ...:)

    Smiles and Love to you,

    Michael ... lol :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry Rona I am not a guy, all the same decided to answer it in an effort to stick up for Guys, imagine then how pleased I felt when they answered good and proper, and showed themselves not to be shallow minded obsessed about women's bodies - which is more or less what you were stating.

    Men or should I say its the young boys that might be obsessed with **** bums etc, but once that boy grows to a man and falls in love with a female, well then men can feel just as same as we woman - they take us as whole, body and mind.

    I think you must be very young - there is more to life that who's girlfriend is the perfect model shaped etc in a mans eyes - your kinda of putting them down. Men are men, its the boys that can be silly over what the visual effect looks like. Sounds like your a bit obsessed with yourself.

  • 1 decade ago

    This all depends on the mood at the present time, When i am stressed sometimes I think those thoughts but when I am in a good mood nothing seems to matter except that I love her and that is all that matters. I don't agree with the one night stand idea, you don't think about that until the next day and she's normally not around. If you really want to know what guys are thinking about 98%of the time it is how kinky you would be with us if given the chance and that goes for married people also. Hope this helps RONA

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  • 1 decade ago

    My Goodness that question is deep and personal. For me I always wonder after sex if she liked it. We men liked to be told that sex was satisfying. I love breasts, and hips - personally, we think about sex all the time. We think about making love to strangers a lot. Men never knock back sex, as we a pre programmed not to. It's our hormones that do this to us. Women I guess don't think the way men do. Sure they might have some fantasy, but we will look at the total picture as well. We as men love to provide for a woman and children (if any). The only critical thing I analysed on a past girlfriend was her facial hair. She was very feminine, and extremely beautiful, but If she didn't wax, I felt sick. Didn't realise until years later she might have had a hormone imbalance. I feel very shallow now. I don't know...I guess really we are all different in certain ways. That's what makes the world an interesting place to live.

  • 1 decade ago

    in all honesty, when i go doggie style i like to see and feel an hourglass shape. when i am face to face i look at the eyes. i can tell if she is really in to what we're doing or just not there. as for when totally naked and standing up, actually i look at the shoulders first. if there is any definition then i know she takes care of herself. as far as breast go size is no issue i enjoy all shapes and sizes. the butt, i really don't want it hanging way down, a little saggy is ok but not to the extreme. with my future ex-wife i thought her body was perfect and she went from a small petite 90 lbs at first to a medium 145 lbs an the end. that was over 24 years and two kids. i guess what i am saying is i judge the emotional aspect of a woman when we are having sex more than the physical side of her. but a real must for me is that she have at least most of her teeth lol.

  • thomas
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    1 decade ago

    Yes men are visual. Personally, I like a little bit of light in the room, so that I can see her body and face (helps me keep good wood). However, I will say that love covers a lot of flaws.

    I would like to add that men are attracted to different types of bodies. Not all men like the same type of physique. Some men like big boobs, some don't care. Some like tall and thin, some like short and fat. It's a hard question to answer.. I could be with the most beautiful woman in the world, but if she has a bad personality, I will run away from her...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Physical attributes that I like are noticed and enjoyed before the decision is made to have sex. During the act, I don't really notice any "flaws" or wish for something different. I do like an audible response to my efforts, though!

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