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How do I register my out-of-state financed vehicle in Missouri?

Car has Louisiana title in my name, but it is being held by the lienholder (Chrysler Financial), per Louisiana law. Missouri's Department of Revenue states on their website that if you've got a lien on your vehicle, you should obtain the title from the lienholder when you register your vehicle in Missouri, but it also says you can register by presenting an out-of-state Registration Certificate (which I have).

I seriously doubt Chrysler Financial is going to give up the title. Do I need to contact them for the title? Can I just register with my Louisiana registration certificate?


Missouri's Driver's License guide states something completely different from Missouri Department of Revenue website - specifically, the guide states THEY'LL contact your lienholder for a new title, rather than you having to contact your own lienholder.

Update 2:

Called the Springfield, MO licensing office today - all that is needed is the lienholder's name & address. They take care of getting the title from the lienholder.

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    In Missouri, as in many states, you hold the title, but it has the lien on the title certificate, and you cannot sell the car until you have a title without the lien on it. You will get your title one way or the other. The Missouri dmv website gives a phone number (573) 751-4509 to call if your bank won't provide your title directly to you.

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    In California this is called a "Goldenrod".

    You can get Missouri plates, registration and tags but it won't be titled in Missouri.

    In Ca you would take the car to the DMV or AAA Auto Club for a physical inspection, so they can see the VIN#, safety certificate lable, emission label, etc.

    Also they want to see an old registration. You turn in your plates and they give you CA plates (you must show picture ID to receive plates)

    When your loan gets paid off, the lender will send you the title showing the lien satisfied. Take it back to the DMV/AAA and turn in for a CA title.

    Missouri's probably much the same.

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