Why is newtons law of universal gravitation "universal"?

Why is newtons law of universal gravitation "universal"?

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    Because, no matter where you were to go, in the universe, the law has a possibility of occuring. If there's another planet, somewhere out in space, and it is spinning similar to how Earth is; then it will have gravity. This is referred to as "Gravitational Pull", when you are not on the planet. When you are on the planet, gravity merely makes things get pulled to the center of its creational force.

    Gravity can be created. Thus it is universal, in the sense that I could go out into the universe somewhere, and make something that creates a gravitational pull...

    The whole bit about Einstein is also a theory which ties into this, and actually changes the idea of "gravity". But, that's not what you were asking...

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    On the century when Newton lived, everybody believed there was one set of laws for objects here on earth, and a different set of laws for celestial bodies. Newton came to understand that his law of gravitation applied in both domains, therefore the word universal was added to the name, to emphasize this aspect.

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    I'm not sure but i think its because it takes into account gravitation acceleration as a continuous value rather than a constant

    But i'm not sure i only got a C in physics :P

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    Because it occurs at all times, with all things, all over the universe.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because it works the same way anywhere in the universe.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, it doesn't even apply to Earth. Einstein theorized gravity is a bending of space time and he was proven correct overturning Newton.

  • Naguru
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    1 decade ago

    It is a part and parcel of the law.

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