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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

will bret disbelse will he join leacay and will ted be kicked out plus tswrw round 3 stfe?

the result from any tswrw episode be posted 2morrow on the preivew of wat match on tswrw ulimate hallenge

thomas-hello, JOSE come out here now

jose-fine since i alway listen to u anyway

thomas-you beat my family go u r unband for tswrw ulimate challenge but at tswrw ultimate challenge let see if u can make my dad, which is tommy bleed first in a first blood match u and tommy

jose-oh i will make him bleed then im coming after u

thomas-well then let wait and find out and also if u lose at tswrw ultimate challenge you will be fired

jose-and if i win

thomas-well if u win which u wont then u be the owner of tswrw for one comepletely week and i will fired my dad

jose-sound good to me

(jose drop the mic and leave)

(thomas look at him confuse)

match 1 nwo title

thomas vs zach attack

match 2 single

lazyboy vs thomas/kelly maria

(jose come out to the ring)

jose-hey lazyboy since we both hate the nelson family let form a allianace called lazy daman or ld

lazyboy-sound good to me

thomas(appalaud)-alright and i got a match for both of ya on monday ld will fight ps for a chance to get the unified tag team champion on or at boiling point

peter-(run up behind lazyboy)-and if ur not down with dat

stewie(run behind jose)-we got two word for u

(thomas hold up the mic)

(the crowd said suck it)

match 3 2 on 1 handicap match

mario and tommy vs jose

thomas-let see if u can survive dat and also im be the spec. ref. for the main event

jose-wat u cant do dat for the ecw champion

thomas-yes i can

match 4 handicap 1 on 2

crystal vs netali cruz brand/i like cat as her manger

iliekcat-sorry ya for dis but i dont really feel good so instead i be netalia manger

(thomas run out)thomas-hold on u i like cat will fight netalia cruz brand at boiling point which is three week away

and ya or i will be the special ref after my match

match 5 ecw champion

(thomas run out again)-hold it jose i know ur ready but well the ecw champion is at a family funeral so u will have to fight well noone so u may start ur car and leave oh wait i just crash it

(thomas and jose run to the parking lot)


(ric.f and connor and joseph stryder surrond hm)

thomas-i forgot to tell u ur match will be a 3 on 1 handica match instead of ur ecw shot

match 6 3 on 1 handicap match parking lot brawl

ric.f and connor and joseph stryder vs jose

please rate and vote and 2morrow will be anoter stfe show but 2morrow will the result for round 1,2 and u see who will be fighting at tswrw ulitmate challenge their be 20 matches at all ppv

so vote and rate and stfs wasnt posted yesurday so i post it today

please rate from 1-10

3 Answers

  • Ric F
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    in my opinion i think Ted will leave Legacy then team up with Bret

    match 1: Zach Attack

    match 2: Thomas w/ Kelly Maria

    match 3: Mario and Tommy

    match 4: Netali Cruz Brand/ I Like Cat

    match 6: Ric F, Connor, and Joseph Stryder


    word to the wise

    Source(s): free your mind and good day.... i said good day! O'Doyle Rulez!
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Group 1 1. Aaron Group 2 1. Arod Group 3 1. Mays Group 4 1.Ruth

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  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion NO!! I think he will have a fued with Ted

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