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What skateboard wheels should i get ?

Are smaller skateboard wheels hard

and large skateboard wheels soft

and which ones are better ??

please help

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    Most of the very small wheels are only available in hard, while medium and large wheels come in a variety of hardnesses. Most wheels over 65mm are going to be soft for longboards and cruisers

    It depends on preference and what/where you skate.

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    not necessarily. depends which wheels you get. cuz like, hard wheels are made from somewhat different materials than soft wheels. hard wheels can be big or small. the only difference between the sizes is the AMOUNT of the material u put into the wheel. so u can also have really big hard wheels, or really small soft wheels.

    bigger wheels are better for skating ramps, pipes, and bowls and pools.

    smaller wheels are better for skating street, such as grinds and stairs and flatground tricks and stuff.

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    Okay, so if you are into street skating you wanna get smaller wheels that are sized from around 49mm to 54mm. Anything above 54mm are considered to be vert wheels. Typically smaller wheels are harder than larger wheels. For street I suggest you get Bones STF brand and for vert i suggest Spitfire Park Burners.

    Source(s): Experienced skateboarder.
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    Bones STF. 51mm

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