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I've looked and looked, but I just can't find these things in my copy of the Constitution. Can you please help?

I can't seem to locate the words "separation of church and state", mine says 'congress shall make no law establishing religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof'.

And where the heck is the health care clause? I hope my dog didn't eat that part.

I can't find education either. Somebody please help me.

I've read this thing until my eyes are bleary, but "cash for clunkers" is entirely missing. Is that under the 10th amendment?

I'm also missing the section on money. My copy says a "dollar" is an ounce of silver, not ink on paper. I must be missing an entire section.

Good Grief! Did someone spill alphabet soup on the government's copy of the Constitution? What's with all these?:

* AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1933

* CAA - Civil Aeronautics Authority (now Federal Aviation Administration), 1933

* CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933

* CCC - Commodity Credit Corporation, 1933

* CWA - Civil Works Administration, 1933

* EBA - Emergency Banking Act, 1933

* FAP - Federal Art Project, part of WPA, 1935

* FCA - Farm Credit Administration, 1933

* FCC - Federal Communications Commission, 1934

* FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 1933

* FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 1933

* FHA - Federal Housing Administration, 1934

* FLA - Federal Loan Agency, 1939

* FMP - Federal Music Project, part of WPA 1935

* FSA - Farm Security Administration, 1935

* FTP - Federal Theatre Project, part of WPA 1935

* FWA - Federal Works Agency, 1939

* FWP - Federal Writers' Project, part of WPA 1935

* HOLC - Home Owners Loan Corporation, 1933

* NIRA - National Industrial Recovery Act, 1933

* NLRB - National Labor Relations Board, 1934

* NRA - National Recovery Administration, 1933

* NYA - National Youth Administration, part of WPA 1935

* OC - Office of Censorship, 1941

* OWI - Office of War Information, 1942

* PRRA - Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, 1933

* PWA - Public Works Administration, 1933

* RA - Resettlement Administration, 1935

* REA - Rural Electrification Administration (now Rural Utilities Service), 1935

* RFC - Reconstruction Finance Corporation (originally a Hoover agency), 1932

* SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission, 1934

* SSB - Social Security Board (now Social Security Administration), 1935

* TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933

* USHA - United States Housing Authority, 1937

* USMC - United States Maritime Commission, 1936

* WPA - Works Progress Administration, 1935

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  • John
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    Wow, it's missing from my copy too! I think those sneaky liberals pulled a fast one on us!

    For anyone who wants to assert that the "General Welfare Clause" covers everything under the sun not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, please see the link below and bet educated!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    "We the people in order to form a more perfect union..." That states that the undersigned and those they represent are forming a government. This should convey to you or anyone seeking protection or relief under the Constitution that it will take financial resources to create and operate this government. The Constitution further sets out the three branches of government, their duties and responsibilities. Here again any person with even low intelligence should understand that this will require financial resources. The Constitution calls for the election of a congress to enact the laws to operate this government. These laws must be approved by the elected president and found to be Constitutional by the courts. Our elected congress chose to raise these needed financial resources through the sale of land and various taxes, rather than setting up a lemonade stand at the borders. Constitution forms the government, we elect the representatives and they say pay taxes. What more do you need? Pay your taxes or move somewhere that does not finance its government through income taxes, like say China or North Korea. The Constitution also doesn't state what reasons to go to war or that we can stop people at our borders or that we can launch a space station. The Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion, native hunting rights, the need for a fishing license or driver's license, or the creation of the Coast Guard, National Guard, Air Guard or Boy Scouts. Pay your share or move out, pretty simple.

  • 1 decade ago

    The copy of my US Constitution clearly says the United States is a Secular Humanist Nation and NOT a Christian one. As a matter of fact, the founding fathers were deist and doubted the believe in the God of the Christian Bible. Me thinks you are reading whatever it is your pretty heart wants to read and not read what is actually there. Yes, the US Constitution has provisions for all those government agencies and then some. You rant too much. No more Murray N. Rothbard for you.

  • Tami
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    1 decade ago

    Slight of Hand works that way....

    it is the practical use of the Doctrine of Necessity....

    your copy of the Constitution must have been produced prior to 1938 when Stare Decesis replaced it.


    Behold the magician

    Tuxedo, cumberbun

    Hands flawless, perfection

    Ne'er to be out-done

    Ready defenses

    Truth to be untold

    Assistant, buxom and blond here

    While magic unfolds

    One hand is steady

    The other disgust

    Smile painted upon him

    A grin to mistrust

    Maybe a card trick

    While lives are at stake

    Certain to entertain

    Never a mistake

    One hand we see here

    The other so sly

    Humans unknowing

    Til finality comes by

    As day turns to dusk here

    And horrors unfold

    The magician keeps grinning

    Upon mountains of gold

    Cold wind comes calling

    As peoples, they weep

    Slight of hand took everything

    From unknowing sheep

    We'll cry for them softly

    As oft as we can

    But people are gone now

    Thanks to magic and plan...

    Source(s): Doctrine of Necessity
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're a little late now to argue that federal programs that have existed for 75 years are not constitutionally authorized.

    For a good explanation of what has happened, I suggest that you read Robert Bork's book, "The Tempting of America," ... pages 56-57 and 214-216.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if you're going to actually read the Constitution, then I guess there's just no talking to you.

    A little blind obedience is not too much to ask in our Brave New World.

    Remember, submission is liberty.

  • BOOM
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, the 10th Amendment allows for all of them. This is the text:

    The powers not delegated to the United States

    by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the

    States, are reserved to the States respectively,

    or to the people.

    Most people misinterpret the 10th Amendment. It says that if the Constitution doesn't say something isn't legal, that it's up to the states OR THE PEOPLE to decide. Many ignore that last "or to the people" clause but it makes a big difference. Without it, we wouldn't have as many federal programs. (Which may not be a bad thing.)

    Although Social Security and Medicare, for example, are not specifically authorized by the Constitution, the Constitution doesn't specifically prohibit them either. This means, that the people - THROUGH THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES - can decide to have or not to have Social Security or Medicare or Universal Healthcare or public mudwrestling if they wish.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try the preamble to the Constitution, "Provide for the Common Defence and Promote the General Welfare."

  • Will
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    1 decade ago

    Health is in the Preamble.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There's nothing in there that says we have to protect the profits of the insurance companies, give no-bid contracts to Halliburton or outsource the duties of the military to Blackwater, either. So?

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