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How can people still believe that the inhumane treatment of native americans/First Nations ended 100 years ago?

read this eye witness account by a non native of how canada treats the native people there. don't believe him? then watch the video as well that shows what he describes.

why don't more non natives speak out about this? am i to believe most just don't care about native people?


@ seth...except this is not just french canadians. this is the federal government as well as the provincial government doing this. and this is just one example of many across the entire continent of how the governments of both usa and canada are still waging war on indigenous people. yet so many always say..that was a hundred years ago get over it.

Update 2:

nie:wen Lilith..i might add a couple things. in usa native DO pay taxes like everyone else. also i ask you to please make sure the "native schools" you are donating to are actually native run. too many people have been fooled into thinking they are doing a good thing only to find out they are funding the perpetrators of genocide. i'll ask a contact of mine to tell you how her parents were fooled like this. i do hope you are contributing to legitimate places. thanks for your concern.

Update 3:

@pascha..we do in fact use blogs and video as well as native run newspapers/sites to get the word out yet still there is a gap. any other suggestions? main stream media won't touch this without a spin to make us seem like the bad guys.

hhere are some of the blogs and videos on this and other topics:

the events in the article are shown here

the blog of this:

the issue of usa and canada surrounding a small mohawk community on the border:

and this one about neo nazi militias formed specifically to attack mohawk people

Update 4:

@ dowhanawi...nie:wen ko'wah for the additonal examples of ourstruggles. much appreciated

@hawkeye...this is exactly the problem. people hate us for things that aren't even true! native people pay more than anyone else in either country. the government does not GIVE us land...they took all but small portions and even today they want that! the lands we live on were reserved for our own use BY us when we gave the rest of it to colonists...hence the name. also, the agreements or treaties signed by the government to get our lands came with their end of the

lets not forget that every resource both usa and canada used to become rich was taken from native people and that this continues today without any compensation. why would native people be poor if this were not true? we had no poverty before being invaded and know how to take care of ourselves and others. we pay and pay and pay and yet people continue to ahte us for not paying? frustrating.

Update 5:

if there is a guilt trip its not us giving it to people. and perhaps it is their guilt that makes them create lies about why they hate us.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just a little help for kanien.

    We have in canada a whole tv channel (APTN)


    Radio shows

    countless websites (half of us make our money on the internet)

    People are generally not interested in the truth.

    Blocked highways seem to get all your attentions a little better...proved by the fact that few people are aware of what is going on or that we have a lot of media to inform you all.

    we make a complaint and everyone starts running around with their fingers in their ears saying "not my fault, it was a hundred years ago"

    Only some Native people don't pay taxes in canada, and that only applies to certain taxes. You have probably seen a line up at a check out where one of us is using a status card for pst exemption (still pay gst). Half the people are grumbling because the cashier is whining tat they can't do it. They would have to go get a manager or have you fill out a form. Then they get annoyed when you say "ok". Other stores don't make it a hassle but some like best buy do.

    Our land is still stolen

    The Natural resources on our land is taken for profit without permission (to profit others)

    Our children are still taken and denied their culture in non-Native homes

    Elders are warriors are arrested and held as political prisioners until the promise the courts they will ctop speaking about this issues (Yep you read that right, not just stop protesting, stop speaking about it)

    The French are known to treat us bad. True. The rest of canada isn't any better. They just don't make it onto the CBC or CTV when they behave badly. Look at the 2010 Olympics. Just where do you think they are going to put all those venues in Vancouver? Expand? Where, the mountains or the sea? NDN land. Yep that is where they are expanding. They will have some good government and hang around the fort NDN's that will give you and all the tourists a good show. The rest they are trying to find a way to "clean up the problem during the olymics"

    The Mohawks. The government is having a fit, I think it's because some of them have found a way to form some economy. So they are terrorists for making and selling cigarettes on their own Sovereign land. While your thinking about this one try and remember who introduced tobacco to whom. They don't like it when the Mohawks say "stop taking our land" and then (this is the terrible part) they do something about it. Don't like us having roadblocks? Exactly what would you do if you found out tomorrow that the government had gave away your land to a big corporation to build a subdivision or golf course or dump or uranium mine. Probably the same thing. relax, if it were you it was happening to you would be getting a compensation check and the media would be on your side, so you wouldn't become the next terrorist in te eyes of the government and media, not like Shawn Brant (Mohawk) or Bob Lovelace and Paula Sherman (Algonquin).

    Look around canada and the usa are occupying governments, we (Natives) are occupied and treated like any other people around the world in the same situation. Remember how you all felt about China's occupation of Tibet and how the IOC ignored this and let China have the summer olympics? Tell me what is the difference between that and the winter olympics in unceaded BC?

    Source(s): Lakota
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  • 4 years ago

    If you're truly interested in the origins of Wicca, read "Triumph of the Moon" by Ronald Hutton, a Gardenerian priest for more than 20 years. Wicca was created primarily by Gerald Gardner with some help from Doreen Valiente and a few others in the early 1950's, cobbled together from a variety of sources such as the works of James Frazer, Margret Murray and Charles Leland. Honest Wiccans will admit that there is no evidence of any continuous traditions predating Gardner. There most certainly aren't any ancient druidic texts, particularly since the druids didn't write any texts. Books like the Mabinogion date much later than the druids. The Salem, or any other witch trials, have absolutely nothing to do with Wicca.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My mum went to Calgary stampede couple off years ago. She enjoyed watching all the events and noticed and felt that most canadian people despise the native people. From what she can gather the reason for it is that they are jealous and bitter at the fact that natives do not have to pay there way in taxes and given land because off the guilt trip off what happened in the past.

    If this is true, it is not the natives fault and the government should have handled there relationship with the natives in a better way other than pay them off. I feel it still isolates them as a people and it may have been more beneficial for everybody to give them or make something that will work better for the people and the country.


    I agree the so called 'fact' that everybody gathers there anger on faulse information. As an out sider we know how much the natives have to fight to get even the basics that others take for granted. They look like refugees in there own country.

    When my father went to America he found that history was some what made up to the glory to America missing out facts like the the pressure and ethnic cleansing they casued to natives. Even in films protraying a wrong immage of natives makeing them savages, no matter how trivial this sets an image in there head and the out come would escilade.

    Thats why people choose to look away becasue the truth is not getting out there?

    Source(s): I may not be a native but my ansestors got driven out off our country to Canada and intergarated with the natives as our stories where a like, we found a common friend. No there are native/scottish elders etc
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  • 1 decade ago

    I do not believe that it ended 100 years ago. Look at the way some Native Americans live even today? I do not begrudge them anything. I say "go for it" with their casinos and not paying taxes. I'm all for them 100%. I have two Native American schools out west that I send money to each year. I support their cause more than the blacks and their alleged issues. The Native Americans have more right to cry racism than a lot of blacks today.

    I love these T-Shirts - "Sure the government is trustworthy. Just ask an indian". "American - love it or Give it Back".

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  • 1 decade ago

    That article is very sad, and the fact that children felt they had to get involved is really unbelievable. I am aware of some of the issues facing the native people today. I have visited the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in Tennessee.

    What you need is a voice. I find it interesting that someone mentioned about blacks 'crying' about racism, however, were it not for that "cry", maybe today we would still be sitting in the back of the bus, and drinking out of separate water fountains.

    Look at some of the positive examples of Civil Rights leaders, and take a cue from the things that did. You also have the advantage of modern technology, Youtube and other options at your disposal, for you or others that will be your "voice' for your issues to get heard.

    Many nonnative people just do not know what is going on, once they learn of it, many will join your cause, it will be a domino effect until something will have to be done.

    I hate to see injustice, in all forms, against all races. I pray for the day when there is equal treatment for all. Let this song inspire you in your endeavors:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Pascha
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Thank for the link.

    Most of us do not hear about problems like this because we have little contact with native people in most parts of the U.S.

    I know about the Carlise Indian school, and a little about went on there. That school closed down quite a few decades ago.

    Maybe native people can use the internet to get their story out. Blocking highways in Canada isn't going to do it. But they will have to figure out how to set up their own blog and not rely on the media if they want people to know.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    As a reporter for the Two Row Times (available on-line), I personal witnessed the latest event that saw Shawn Brant arrested by the O.P.P. along with three others who attended an "information action" in Shannonville, Ontario to try and force a dictatorial Prime Minister to commit to a National Inquiry into the deaths 824 missing and/or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

    Mainstream media (Canadian Press, CBC) and Quebecor (Sun Media) for example, reported again and again, in every article on this event, that Shawn had erected a blockade (barriers) at two sites. One at Shannonville Road and the second at the railway crossing on Wyman Road which is ON Mohawk Territory. BOTH of these allegations are false....lies put out by the O.P.P. through their liaison with the media. The truth, if anyone cares to hear it is, it was the police who erected the barriers at BOTH locations and NOT Shawn Brant! In fact, it was the Mohawk who were allowing traffic through the barriers and the police (other than local residents and traffic) who were turning people away. School buses, local residents and emergency vehicles, all allowed unfettered passage.

    At the railway tracks on the reserve, NO Mohawk was closer to the tracks Than 10-12 feet. NO trains were blocked. It was the CN Police AND the O.P.P. who advised trains to stop. I saw nothing at hand which the Mohawk could have used to block the trains in any case. There was NO indication given by Shawn the tracks would be blocked, Other than being a physical presence near the tracks as it was hoped the point would be made that Native peoples across Canada are demanding a full-blown inquiry be called because of the stunning number of Native women and girls murdered and missing in Canada because of the dismal track record of police authorities in investigating these crimes.

    Contrary to police claiming they were committing a criminal act, there was NO occupation ON the tracks! There was some verbal exchange between my people and the police, I'm not aware that words are an excuse to attack and arrest my people and certainly are not a criminal act in themselves.

    Before anyone accuses me of bias because I am Native, I have a great responsibility to report what I witnessed accurately....and I did.

    THIS is a prime example of how mainstream media portrays these events: to mislead the Canadian public. There just cannot be any other reason for that kind of irresponsible reporting. They will not even retract OR correct these errors when advised by eyewitnesses: me, for example.

    Some may think me paranoid BUT, I believe, deeply, that mainstream media is in cahoots with Ottawa AND the police authorities, to misleading Canadians into thinking we're nothing more than terrorists and thugs. The reason? Because Ottawa fears that if Canadians ever believe what WE say and come on-side with us in our struggle to honour the Treaties, protect our women and respond honourably to our many outstanding land claims, then Ottawa will be in BIG trouble!

    Attachment image
    Source(s): Myself as an eyewitness.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Speak out to whom? We know that the media is biased and the government is unyielding.

    The Supreme Court has the power to force the federal government to honour its agreements. But only the people involved can take the federal government to court. Everyone else is left out of the process no matter how much they care.

    This could become an election issue, but that usually needs the cooperation of the media.

    Good luck with your efforts.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    French Canadians are often racist towards non french canadians, racism isn't exclusive to places like america and south africa, those people need to stand up for themselves, cause sadly other people won't do it for them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lillith..I'm Kanien's friend whose parents were led to believe we were doing what my people call a obligation to do good..and sincerely believed that they were donating what little they could to send to a couple of different Indian Boarding Schools who sent out slick flyers and tear-jerking letters of all these poor orphaned Indian children who had no one and nothing.

    Each month there was another beautiful and pitiful looking Indian boy or girl featured, a tragic tale of becoming an orphan or in rare instances of parents so poor they could not afford to feed the child and had to give them up..

    They had no idea their monthly donations were going to schools where children had been placed by the government for the sole purpose to 'civilize" them...prohibit them from learning their native ways, languages and religions and coerce them with some pretty scary methods to convert to Christianity.

    My parents donated this way until the early 80s..a few years AFTER the act of Congress took place that for the FIRST time gave Native American First Nation's Peoples the basic human right that all other people had by our Bill of Rights..the freedom to worship their own religions. I don't recall exactly how they discovered it..some news item or another about one of the schools..but when they found out that very very few of those children were orphans and that for the vast majority of those children they had been forcefully removed and placed away from their families for the purpose of stealing their very identites from parents were HORRIFIED and so angry. It made us all sick.

    You see..Jews have had this done to us at times in our history too..and it was also done for the purpose of trying to do away with us as a people. I'm not going to sidetrack here, but that was such an upsetting experience to learn and from that time on I have come to recognize so many other parallels and truly see what has happened and has continued to happen to them..I learned for instance that Hitler had Himmler study how the U.S. govt's policies and procedures used against the First Nations peoples were accomplished so he could refine them for his "Final Solution".

    I could give you the names of the schools involved, but almost 10 years ago one Lakota online contact "introduced" me in an NDN chat room to another, I don't recall his name or screen nam but it was in Yahoo and he said HE was one of the boys in one of the flyers..he DESCRIBED the photo and I remembered seeing it! We were about the same age. I remember at the time thinking how "cute" he was in his little headdress and feeling so lucky that I had both my parents and feeling so sorry for him that he did not. Well he had parents, and they missed him. He is also an Indian who is still none too friendly to the white man Can you blame him?

    at any rate..he was one at one of the schools that my parents donated to..she already knew of one of them that had scammed her but by this time I don't even recall if I told her about the other one since she had Alzheimers by then.

    The guy in the chat room told me that the school mentioned now had Indian teachers and they even taught their native languages there at the school, but it took a long hard legal fight and much heartache before those changes happened. I know that both schools still teach christianity as they are Christian and church run schools but I do not know much else about them. Just please investigate with the local Indian community about the schools you donate to.

    If you have respect for them as First Nation's Peoples you will respect their right to be who and what they are and for their own communities to help give them their own path.

    Because of the possible harm my parents own ignorance may have helped cause when they thought they were doing just one reason why I have also spoken out just as strongly against abuse of their people as I do for my own. I feel an obligation to make sure that others do not do things that would horrify them if they knew what they were really aiding and abetting.


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