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my kitten was just diagnosed with feline leukemia virus. The vet asked me what I want her to do.?

whether I should put him down or not...

Any experience or help would be much appreciated as I love this little guy.



hes at the vet now because he has been sick all night and could not breath well.

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    Feline leukemia is not a death sentence. It essentially means you have to pay closer attention to his health, as they become more susceptible to infections. Cats with feline leukemia can live long lives.

    He needs to be an indoor only cat from now on. I have posted a link to some helpful information on feline leukemia and managing a cat that has it. It is from the Cornell Feline Health Center.

    Good luck, and just continue to give him love and attention.

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    Well I had a cat that had the same virus. I waited to put him to sleep which I wish I never did. At the end it was not nice. I hope that his breathing issues are not because of the virus. To be honest with you putting your animal to sleep is probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make but because we love them so much we get the strength to do it. I am sorry that I could not be more positive for you. Some cats can live for a long time with it and some do not. I wish you the best.

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    Interferon is a sluggish accumulation factor and would not artwork top away, like antibiotics it has to construct as much as be working. To to yahoogroups and look on the tom cat leukemia bulletin boards, you will get superb information over there from proprietors who're looking after FeLV beneficial cats. they are able to tell you what the superb treatments are, the present information on the ailment, and existence expectancy in kittens.

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    Feline Leukemia Virus is a tricky disease to live with. I'm sorry to hear that your little kitty has it. It can't be cured but there are ways to help manage it. Even with perfect management (following your vets suggestions perfectly), you can't guarantee that your little man will last for years on end although some cats can live almost a normal life span with this disease. It depends on the individual kitty. One of the most important things you can do is make sure your kitty is INDOOR ONLY.

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    My mom's cat has had feline leukemia for years and he still doesn't show any symptoms. He roams around outside and in the house like nothing is wrong with him. I say keep him for the time being and enjoy the time you will get to spend with him before he goes. Did the vet say how advanced it is? If he has not much longer to live, then let him go naturally. Don't put him to sleep. And again, enjoy the time you will spend with him. :)

    P.S. You don't have to make your cat an indoor only cat. He will be fine if he roams outside.

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    There are several VERY good feline leukemia lists on YahooGroups, I'd recommend going over, signing up with one and talking to the owners who have cats living with them who have FeLV.

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    Two years ago my husband and I decided to have a stray we found taken care (i.e., neutered and possibly declawed) if we found him to be in good health. Bruce, as we christened him, was diagnosed as being a double positive (feline leuk and feline aids). As we pondered over what to do, one of our vets recommended that we find him a good home. Two months of boarding Bruce went by before we found him an excellent home with a vet and his wife who were willing to care for him and their other double positive felines in Battle Creek Michigan. He now lives a very enjoyable and safe life there.

    We could not take Bruce in as we had three other cats who were all negative. My advice to you would be if you have other cats who are negative then you might want to find a cat sanctuary in the U.S. where your kitty will be well cared for. If he/she is an only cat, and you are willing to care and pay for his care, he/she can live to a ripe old age. Feline leuk, according to a few of our vets where we live, is not a death sentence.

    Good luck.

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    as long as he shows no symptoms,go ahead and keep him.someday,he will become ill and u will have to put him to sleep,but that may be years from now!keep him indoors,away from other cats and give him a healthful diet and lots of love.he may stay well for quite aunts cat lived 8 years with felv and had a wonderful life.put it this way,my brother has leukemia,but he is doing gr8!he still enjoys his life,wouldnt it be awful if someone killed my brother b4 he even got really sick????same with ur kitten.does it eat,play and do ok?then,keep him till it gets too bad.u will know when its right to let go.he should at least have some life,if he has no suffering yet,let him enjoy his life for awhile.some cats becomne carriers and remain asymptomatic for almost a normal way to tell if ur cat will be one of them,only time will wishes!

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    If he is in a serious amount of pain, then unfortunately yes. But if he seems to be doing fine, there's no reason to put him down. Just take special care of him, keep him inside and away from other cats.

    Best of Luck

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    At some point you are going to have to make this decision, it's just a matter of time. Sorry!

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