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What method of birth control can i use if i choose to breast feed?

I know I can use condomns.....of course but my fiance has to use the non latex ones because he is allergic to latex and they are expensive......and i dont know if i can use any other type if birth control if i am breast feeding......please what other methods could i possibly use

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    These are not hormonal methods and are safe during breastfeeding:

    Male and female condoms


    Copper intrauterine contraceptive devices

    Cervical cap

    Vaginal sponge

    Spermicidal cream, jelly, or foam

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    There are condoms, the mini pill or an iud (mirena or paragard)

    all are safe with breastfeeding, but the IUD is most effective and can last from 5(mirena) to 10(paragard) years.

    Source(s): I have paragard
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    There's a birth control pill called Camilla thst is safe when breastfeeding. It is progesterone-only.

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