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I am making a slideshow for my Daughter's grandparents...Can you please help me with some songs?

I want to make the songs special, as her granparents are very special to her, and they have helped us in so many ways and we want this slideshow dvd to be very special to them. If you could please give me some songs that you think would be appropriate I would very much appreciate it...

I want songs that are very touchy, and something that maybe expresses how much they mean to her.

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    My favorite song is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. I think it is a really good song. Also, I really like Jack Johnson. My favorite songs by him are Better Together, If I Could, If I Had Eyes, and Upside down. I find all of those songs very touching, especially the first one.

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    Disney World plays this song "Wishes" during the fireworks in the magic kingdom, its beautiful, and its all kids.. That would be awesome. I am sure you can get the music online, or get it off a youtube video...

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    1234 by plain white tees?

    "1 way, 2 do, those 3 words, 4 you"

    "I love, I love you" (picture of giving hugs and/or kisses)

    "Give me more love then I've ever had

    make it all better when I'm feeling sad (picture of her upset with grandparents)

    tell me that I'm special even when i know I'm not" (happy picture with grandparents)

    "make me feel good when i hurt so bad (picture of her with a boo boo)

    best that I've had

    I'm so glad I found you (hugs/kisses)

    I love being around you" (picture of them together)

    "you make it easy"

    "give me more love from the very start (her as a baby with grandparents)

    piece me back together when I fall apart (tantrum pic)

    "tell me things you never even tell your closest friends"

    There you go I hope you like my idea.


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    I love you more today than yesterday. A one hit wonder by spiral staircase. It's a cheery song. We used it when we made an anniversary video for my parents.

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    "Years go by"

    Its by Chris Rosser. Its a beautiful song!!

    Here the song is:

    Youtube thumbnail


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    "Amazing" by Janelle is a really pretty song and actually about a baby coming into the world.

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