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Are all mushroom trips this INSANE?!?

OK so this is the 1st time I'm putting my terrifying trip into words....I'll try my best to describe what happened but it really was beyond my level (or any human beings) ability to comprehend.

Two of my friends and I took 1/8 of magic mushrooms each and went out to the park to trip. We got there, walked up a hill and sat on a stone bench at the top to look over a flora rich park. At this point things started getting weird, like everything was in a sepia tint but still retained its original color. The green grass covering the park warped into a sea of green bubbles and went back to grass throughout our stay at the park. I looked around and tree's were growing rapidly but in a messed up way....they were all pine trees so they grew taller and with more leaves but all kinds of other plants started growing out of the tree as well. We ate some granola bars and decided to go to my apartment

This is were it got INSANE. I feel like it forever changed my perceptions of life and Im very scared I caused permanent psychological damage because I now view the world differently, like I exposed my mind to things its just not ready for. OR I could have just 'grown up' 5 years in that one trip through my revalations (do you understand what i mean? I matured intellectually by many years in 4 hours)

My friends and I go to my apt and watched Planet earth and half way through an episode my brain just went haywire. My room seemed like it was a little bigger but with all of my posters gone and with these weird 3-D blocks of differnt sizes floating at the top. My arm felt very very strange, as it was melting. My body felt numb so I tugged at my shirt to see if I was wearing it (I could not feel it on me) and I felt my shirt go through my body like it was a ghost and I was holding it in front of me. I was so weirded out that I turned to my friend and asked " DID YOU SEE ME PULL MY SHIRT OFF?!?!?!?" With a bewilderred expression on his face, he told me that I was still wearing my shirt. I looked down and it was true and realized I had just dreamed/imagined the whole shirt-going-through-my-body- thing even though I conciously remember everything leading up to that event.

Feeling like some fresh air would do some good, I looked out the window out into the streets but my then my visual perception shifted and it was very scary and alien. I could see my room, the window, some bushes and the two buildings across from my apt but the space in between all of these things was ....nothing. everything in between my window and the bushes/buildings were erased from my reality and it was filled with a dark void like space. It was space. What I saw was just the window, bushes and two buildings....the background was the endless void of space.

Meanwhile everything in the room was morphing. My friends faces were like spinning circles with eyes and mouths. The Mac Dre poster came alive and a mini-Mac Dre walked out of the poster like the freaking girl from the ring. He started walking towards me, stopped, said "peace" and jumped out of my window into the space void I described earlier.

I sat there after Mac Dre jumped out the window, just thinking about existance, religion, life, the future, the past. The mushrooms allowed me to see everything "uncensored" or without unconcious human bias that our minds attatch to ideas. Suddenly I felt like I had reached enlightenment, I felt endless joy and understanding of existance as If i were Buddah or God. It felt as if I had spent 1000 years there sitting and thinking and finally understood EVERYTHING and had reached an Englightened state of ultimate happiness and understanding. My old self had died and been reborn with this new found knowledge.

I also saw how messed up our world is in a completely new and unbiased way only shrooms can give you ; how badly human beings treat each other, famine, exploitment, people clinging on to false hope everywhere.

I thought about human kind for a moment and then my mind went back into time. I saw everything in human history in ultra fast rewind. my shroom trip so far, the day before, my 19th, 18th,17th, 16th.....1st years of life and WAY past that. i saw world history in reverse, everything regressing and de-volving, the rise and fall of countless civilazations going all the way back to ancient Sumeria....Then My mind went going back even further, back into human pre-history where we were simple nomadic hunters without civilaztion or societies. Humans just lived simpley to exist, nothing more. My mind went even further back ; our first human ancestors started ventuing out of Africa into india, asia, europe and the americas over the course of a few hundred thousand years. REWIND EVEN MORE- now I was watching primitive ape-like people in the jungles of Africa, hiding from predators, foraging for food etc. REWIND MORE- I saw weird fish things crawl out from the ocean into a strange, creatureless world and evolve into mammals and o

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    You just opened your "third eye" and hit a level of pineal gland (situated between the hemispheres of the brain) that most people can never naturally attain.

    Yes, once you have taken hallucinogens your perception and usually a little piece of your personality changes forever.

    This is why hallucinogens are used in shamanistic ritual and to divinate with.

    You should have done research before you took them...I'm not anti-hallucinogen because I can control it pretty well, but if you aren't ready for it...then you should wait.

    But since you can't go back now...enjoy your profound thinking and new capacity to understand higher physics...even if you're aware of it or not...I hope the personality change isn't to bad. You'll learn to live with it and not even realize it's there after a couple of decades.

    Sounds like you went into a dream state when you took them. The pineal gland (look that up too) is the link to the body and spirit. That is where hallucinogens play out...

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    Any time you are dealing with psychedelics things are CRAZY! A lot of your trip can depend on your frame of mind going into it. If you had anything weighing on your mind you, can bet it will be magnified in a trip.Hallucinations are a huge part of 'shrooms and i'm assuming that's why you took them in the first place. It changes your normal way of thinking, therefore you see things in a new light.

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    The 1st person said>...

    Will you pls. make it a little shorter?

    It makes people not interested like me but not for NERDS.

    3 days ago

    Yes really your initial questions caught my eye, then I just skipped down to the answers.

    Never done that junk but ive heard you could one day go on a permanent trip

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    Like Chick-A- Deedle said, you opened your thrid eye. Usually, trips differ depending on the strain of mushrooms you take.

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    Well it sounds to me that your mind just took what you were watching on TV and expanded it.Do you remember what the episode of planet earth was about?

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    u had a bad trip cus u were watching planet earth u watch anything weird while on shrooms it will trip u out

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    And yet you took the stupid things anyway. You had a mind blowing trip.

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    im not kidding, you should totally write this down in GREAT DETAIL and shwo it to people, this story was freakin awesome. I love hearing drugs stories.

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    ...and o

    hehe :) I was captivated for a moment there- fascinating. Oh well back to my normal, boring, English, generic and relatively uneventful life.

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    i may be able to help...but i cant

    talk to u in a public way. email me

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