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AMC, What family has the most members, name them all?

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    Kate Martin

    Joseph Martin Sr.

    Helen Martin

    Jeff Martin

    Erica Kane

    Joshua Madden

    Mary Kennicott

    Christina Karras Tara Martin

    Phillip Brent

    Phillip Charles Brent

    Cecily Davidson Kelly

    Charles Tyler III

    Phillip Brent

    Kelsey Jefferson

    Robert Warner

    Samuel Carlos Grey

    Robert Warner

    Bobby Martin

    Ruth Parker

    Thadeus Gardner Martin

    Dottie Thornton

    Dixie Cooney

    Hillary Wilson

    Brooke English

    James Edward English

    Krystal Carey

    Jennifer Colby Carey

    Amanda Dillon

    Paul Martin

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    Might be a tie between the Martin and Tyler Families. Since the Martin's have already been given, here is the Tylers.

    Charles Tyler (DECEASED) (died 1986)

    m. Alicia Tyler (DECEASED)

    c. Charles Tyler II (DECEASED)

    m. Unknown (DECEASED)

    c. Charles Tyler III

    m. Tara Martin (married 1972; see Martin)

    m. Donna Beck (married 1977)

    c. Unnamed Child (stillborn)

    m. Carrie Sanders (married 1982)

    a. Donna Beck

    c. Palmer John Cortlandt (DECEASED) (born 1982; died 1983)

    m. Donna Beck (married 1990)

    m. Phoebe English (see English)

    c. Lincoln Tyler

    m. Amy Parker (married and divorced in 1970)

    m. Kitty Davis (DECEASED) (married 1975; divorced 1975/6; died 1977)

    m. Kitty Davis (DECEASED) (married 1977; died 1977)

    m. Kelly Cole (married 1980)

    c. Ann Tyler (DECEASED) (died 1981)

    m. Nick Davis (married 1972)

    c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)

    m. Paul Martin (married 1973; divorced 1974)

    a. Paul Martin

    c. Elizabeth Martin (DECEASED) (born 1976; died 1977)

    m. Paul Martin (married 1976; died 1981)

    m. Mona Kane (DECEASED) (died 1994; see Kane)

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