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If someone stol my e-mail account can I trace them and send them to jail?

I recently had my hotmail account hacked into. Thankfully there was nothing in there but a few forum sign-ups and subscriptions to different ads, maybe a couple photos, nothing major. My question is... if I file a police report and they trace the person(no idea who, by the way... my password was a bit easy which was my first mistake), how much trouble can they get in? Is it even worth it for a junk mail system like hotmail or even a yahoo account?

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    If it was a crap account why bother? I've heard of people getting into major trouble on situations like these, but again I say, if it was for just spam n such who cares?

  • Arie
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    Your account has not been "hacked into". You simply choose a too simple password and/or secret question. A judge will most likely call you stupid and the other person will get away with a warning. Do not humiliate yourself and simply open a new account and this time choose a proper password. Let this be a lesson for you.

  • Anonymous
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    You may have something but it wouldn't be worth it. You can get their IP by trapping them if you talk to them by sending them to a website and you check their IP address then hand it into the police but their ISP may not comply so it's probably more trouble than it's worth sorry :( I guess that's just the way it is as unfair as it may sound.

  • Anonymous
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    Just forget it and make a new account. Why bother with tracing them down, it's not worth it.

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