this is different.. maybe u can help me telling me what is in hi head...?

ok. so.. theres this Guy... He is my age, basketball player, simple but beautiful. His character is unbeliveble. its amazing. every girl want him for his personality , for his heart. I know him verryy weell. Coz he is my best friend. and when i say best friend i really mean it. He is always and always there for me. he calls me. send me sms's. it happens that we talk like 4 hours at phone. we laugh alot. he tells me how special i am. how much i help him. he tells me that he would never want to loose me. he forgives me all the time. everytime he see me... he smiles, he tickle me, he tease me in a playfully way, tells me that im beautiful and that im precious. But he never tells me about girls. about who he likes. who likes him. and he never asks me who i like or who likes me. one day.. i asked him. and at first he was like veryy shy... after that he said... I like this girl and he told me her name. But i dont know her. she is not from my city. she lives verry far . But she is a basketballplayer too, si is beautiful and she sings at piano. i saw her in pics. He cant meet her. they only talk on the phone i think. But i asked him if he told her about me. and he said... no.. this is wat i dont understant why... im his best friend. and his crush doesent know about me.

I dont understand why he calls me so much why he is telling me always that he cares about me, why sometimes his verry shy when he is with me. it happens that he cant even talk with me coz he is to shy. he never want me to be sad. as i said. he is ALways there for me.

and... the thing is that... I like him... for 4 years. but i dont want to ruin this relationship we hav by telling him. and im really curious if he likes me. sometimes he blushes... and everytime he smiles when he sees me. he makes me laugh all the time. he is protective and nice,. :) i real gentelman.

so.. wat do you think? does he likes me? does he likes her? does he only think as me as his friend and nothing more? ( he never hugs me) this relationship we hav is strong. but how can he make all this things for me if he dont hav feelings for me?.. can u guys help me? thank you :)

sorry for mistakes...:| i dont really know english... sorry. if u understand wat i wrote.. please answer.

Thank you :)

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