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克萊兒 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

問英文~請問誰知道 ”全額到位(全額到付)”英文怎麼說

小的非常的疑惑"全額到位 "或"全額到付"的英文怎麼說, 每次付款給國外想跟國外講說已經付款了 他們將會收到全部的錢 (不會被銀行扣手續費起來)請問專業人士們,有聽過"全額到位"英文的專有名詞嗎?還是大家都只是用言語描述而已。

不懂的 答非所問的 請不要亂回答 謝謝~

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "全額到位 "或"全額到付"的英文應該是 "received in full amount".

    但是電匯 wire transfer 通常除了雙方經手銀行會收手續費 handling fee 之外, 中間轉匯的銀行也會收手續費 , 只有支票只有存入的銀行會收手續費.

    參考 Wikipedia 有關 Wire transfer 的一段說明:

    Banks collect payment for the service from the sender as well as from the recipient. The sending bank typically collects a fee separate from the funds being transferred, while the receiving bank and intermediate banks through which the transfer travels deduct fees from the money being transferred so that the recipient receives less than when the sender sent.

    As a representative example of the cost, Bank Of America in California in August 2009 charged $25 to send a wire and $15 to receive one within the US. For international transfer, it charged $35-$45 outgoing, $15 incoming.

    IBAN wire transfers are not completely free of vulnerabilities. Every intermediate bank that handles a wire transaction can take a fee directly out of the wire payload (the assets being transferred) without the account holders knowledge or consent. There is no legislation or technical means to protect customers from this practice. If bank S is the sending bank (or brokerage), and bank R is the receiving bank (or brokerage), and bank I1, I2, and I3 are intermediary banks, the client may only have a contract with bank S and/or R, but banks I1, I2, and I3 can (and often do) take money from the wire without any direct arrangement with the client. Clients are sometimes taken by surprise when less money arrives at bank R. Contrast this with cheques, the amount transferred is guaranteed in full, and fees (if there are any) can be charged only at endpoint banks.

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  • tzylan
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    1 decade ago

    full amount remittance

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  • candy
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    1 decade ago

    全額到位或全額到匯: full payment, don’t allow to deduct handling charge.


    You will receive full payment US$###, don’t worried.跟國外就是說”你將會收到所有的貨款US$###,不用擔心.

    2009-08-28 17:16:50 補充:

    full payment=whole payment

    Source(s): candy 的工作經驗
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  • 1 decade ago

    "全額到位 "因該是這樣說

    Sum total arriving


    The sum total to pays

    Source(s): 網路
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