What degree do I need to teach high school in Ohio?

I am currently a student at The Ohio State University. I am an English major right now.... My career plan is to become a High School English teacher. Creative Writing or Writing Fiction teacher to be exact. Anyway.....

My question is what degree do I need to get? I keep forgetting to ask my advisor and I am a Junior! hahaha.... I always thought it was simply a Bachelors degree (of course I know Masters would get me a lot more money). But I intend to go back to school for my masters eventually..... but for now I just wanna get started and get to paying off my student loans.

So can I get a teaching license with just a Bachelors degree in the state of Ohio?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here is the contact information for the Board of Education in Ohio:

    Ohio Department of Education




    Here is some information from the city on licensure:


    You didn't mention having taken any education courses. You'll need to do so unless you get into some special program like Teach for America or something. Teacher state licensure includes passing teacher exams and typically you can teach for up to 5 years without a masters until they give you the boot or you apply for a valid extension. You will need to be finger printed and likely have to take a couple of brief classes in school violence and learning how to identify and report abused children.

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