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Having trouble installing Pro Engineer 4.0?

I'm trying to install Pro E on Vista. I get to the part titled "license configuration" which requires you to enter a product key. I put in the product key and then my [PTC] user/account name with the corresponding password. I then get a message saying:

"PTC.setup was unable to contact the PTC download server. If you use a proxy server with your web browser to sccess the internet, you will need to specify that server now for PTC.setup. Would you like to specify a proxy server?"

options are: y/n. If I choose no then I can't install. If I choose yes then I get a box that's titled "Proxy configuration." Inside the box, it reads "Please specify your HTTP Proxy" and I have to type in something in the blanks labeled "Host Address" and "port" with the default input being "-1".

I wonder if during my first attempt of installing the program if Norton Anti virus asked me if I wish to allow Pro E to access the internet. I wonder if I chose to not allow Pro E to do so by accident. It seems like Pro E is trying to access the internet and can't. My browser works fine (I'm on Y!A after all). I don't know how to allow it to get access to the internet again however -- or is my problem completely unrelated to internet connection?


Another method of accomplishing the same objective as above is to "Browse to local license file (off-line mode)". There is a blank labeled "License File Path" and I have the option of browsing through the files on my comp to find the appropriate file. I tried finding this file and I couldn't. Some internet source told me to look for a file with a ".dat" ending and I still couldn't find the appropriate file.

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    Vista doesn't run most cad software. Also if you paidthousands for your software i would hope you could call up costumer service.

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    As each and every physique above suggested, you may basically use a million installation disk in step with pc, you won't be able to (which at 2Gb a time is a disgrace tbh) obtain as quickly as, purchase 2 product keys and set up on separate desktops. because of the fact MS have tied the improve into your particular gadget to offer up piracy you will could desire to obtain a separate reproduction for each gadget and set up. desire that facilitates

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