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T C H asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Anyone tired of watching Joe Martinez?

I think Sabean should just let him pitch in the minors or the bullpen during September and let Kevin Pucetas or Ryan Sadowski pitch in his spot.

My pick would be Kevin Pucetas.


Giants are bad?

Then what happened to the Mets this year???

And you can say good bye to Santana.

He'll probably miss spring training and the beggining of the season.

Update 2:

but i think that Pucetas has waited long enough though.

He does deserve a sport, but i do see your point.

btw Brad Penny can be a huge risk, especially against offensive powerhouse.

Update 3:

Two SP free agents:

Jason Jennings or Brad Penny.

I would go with Jason Jennings if the Giants were to sign him.

Brad Penny hasn't been pitching like the way he used to for the past two years.

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    I like Joe Martinez but the fact is he has trouble getting through the first inning almost every start, and at most lasts 5 innings. I dont want to see another young inexperineced starter come up in the 5th spot. Sabean should get a proven veteran pitcher by trade or free agent. I wouldnt mind taking a chance on Brad Penny who pitched great verse the Giants when he was in the NL.

    Go Mets 09-Your calling the Giants bad when they are in the wild card race and have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, when your mets who were suppose to be a playoff team this year are not even going to make the playoffs. Before calling the Giants bad and no future look at the mets record and look at all the old veterans and horrible pitching staff they have.

    edit:Yeah I know Penny could be a big gamble. I just am tired of the Giants the past 5 years having to deal with the number 5 spot in the rotation. I have not seen Kevin Pucetas pitch but I hear if the Giants needed another pitcher he would probably be called up.

    Go Mets 09_I doubt anyone wants to sign with a mets team who is injury prone. Stop whining because your team is garbage. The mets wont beable to get by the Phillies at all the next 5 years. And talk about shitty team how about the mets who choked 2 years in a row. Remember that?

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    martinez has good stuff just needs more experience. I agree he may not be ready to be a starter yet but hey the big unit is out and so is lowry for like almost 2 years. So SF kind of needs him to pitch right now. I was hoping SF would have a playoff spot earlier this year but srry that lineup still needs more work. I agree with the other post why rush those other young arms into the rotation. you will just get the same results. It's not like pucetas and sandowski can do what lincecum has done or they would already be getting a shot at the rotation.

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    I'm a fan of Joe Martinez, but the fact is, is that he is struggling and really shouldn't be in the rotation. Better off in the bullpen. I would rather them bring up Pucetas. We have seen what Sadowski is capable of, no thank you. Give Pucetas a shot, or sign Penny, which I wouldn't mind. He would sign cheap, and he would be pitching in a pitchers ball park. All I know is that the Giants need to get their act together, specifically the offense, because I'm tired of them losing in terrible fashion, like tonight.

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    I can't say that I'm tired of watching him, just because it's really his first real blow up in his career, he's been pretty good for his past starts so i think he just needs to put it behind him and we'll see what happens in his next few starts.

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    Giants are bad. They have no future. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain are both leaving after their contracts are up. So is Pablo Sandoval.

    Edit:I will be saying good bye to Santana and Saying hi to Lincecum when he leaves your $hitty team and joins the mets.

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