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Why isn't David Carr getting another chance?

In my opinion, I think if he started right now, he'd be among the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL.

How are guys like Shaun Hill and Kyle Orton starting but David Carr has had to play 3 consecutive years on the bench. And in the PRIME of his career (ages 28-30).

This is just a real disgrace, he's one of the most accurate passers in the game, throws a tight spiral everytime and can flatout just play.

Do you think when he becomes a free agent next year he will be a starter again? F**k start him in front of Eli Manning, that guys a bum player who could never win a super bowl without a superb defense and plaxico burress to make up for his badly overthrown passes

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    You can thank the 2002 Houston Texans for ruining their prize first round draft pick with an offensive line that couldnt block charles manson if he made a rush towards barack o'banana !

    carr had the potential for being great but he got beaten up physically and mentally by an ineffective offensive line that had no clue how to block a defender. He was sacked more times than paris hilton and got bruised up so badly it took multiple massage therapy sessions and a psychologist to get him in shape for the next game.

    Houston Texans 2002...........worst team in NFL history for protecting their QB. It was they who ruined carr. Now this carr is a clunker.

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    Well, they are not reportedly going to move up in the draft (to take a QB). They still could take one of course, but O-line is their most pressing need. Carr could still keep the job. They invested a ton of money in him. There were points last year where he looked vastly improved. Kubiak was a QB behind Elway, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to cut down on mistakes and play efficiently. I'm betting he still gets a shot, while they begin to groom someone else, perhaps a late round prospect.

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    I don't think so. Even with the OLine of the Giants which is far better than the Texans, he still ends up on his back most of the time. It was only when the Texans OLine gave him more than 10 seconds to throw the ball (which was rare) that he actually got the ball off. A top 10 QB can make a play with the ball and get it off without 10 seconds worth of time. That isn't top 10 material there dude. That is why he isn't getting another chance. He is now on his 3rd team. He was a bust with Houston and same with the Panthers.

    Lets face it, he was a 1st Round bust.

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    I live in Houston, and watched Carr since he was a rookie. All I can say is he was thrown to the wolves without much of an offensive line. As a result, Carr got sacked more in that time than ANY other qb in NFL history. I think the guy is "shell shocked" now. Possibly a decent qb, but I never saw it.

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    I agree, David Carr could be a great QB, unlike Manning who wasn't even a top 10 QB last year, the running game saved him....

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    He was ruined since playing for the texans, He was a starter the first year and had no REAL talent around him to evolve into a quarterback, so he is now going to be a backup quarterback for the rest of his career.

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    I think Eli is a solid QB. But, I think Carr deserves a second chance. I think he should ask for a trade to the Broncos. He could probably start there.

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    He's a good QB, but played for a crappy team. That's probably why no one wants him. People don't know how good he can be.

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    cause he is damage goods, and never will be good

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