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Free herb seeds, free samples maybe?

I am starting a small garden for a hobby, and some kids. I am wondering if there is a site that sends out free herb seeds, or maybe a starter kit. I am looking for free things, to show the kids that you can make anything out of something..maybe you know?? please help or

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Go to Yahoo's site and then go to "Groups" and check out some of the gardening groups. I have heard of some groups that are geared towards seed exchange. People exchange surplus seeds in the spring or winter. Tell them your story but you may need to join the group to ask. In the yahoo groups area type the words "seed exchange" or " seed trading" etc. I definitely have been approach to do that in another garden group that I tried to start about 5 years ago but it never came to fruition. But I remember someone telling me about that group on there back then.

    My other suggestion is go to a dollar store. Very often they have seeds this time of year for next to nothing... like 20 cents a pack. Do you think you can try that?

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  • strong
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    4 years ago

    Free Herb Samples

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  • 4 years ago

    Basically you can have meat that is not breaded. You can eat vegetables and fruit. Oatmeal is ok. Stay away from bear. My dad eats a lot of Chinese dishes with rice.

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