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Simple Plan [Pierre Bouvier, David Desrosiers, Sebastien Lefebvre, Charles Comeau, Jean Stinco]?

Do you like Simple Plan?




Pierre or Seb?

Seb or David?

David or Chuck?

Chuck or Jeff?

Jeff or Pierre?

Pierre or David?

David or Jeff?

Jeff or Chuck?

Chuck or Seb?

Seb or Jeff?

Pierre or Chuck?

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    YES I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN ! ! ! ! !

    I'm going to marry Pierre when I'm legal age, you're invited to our wedding =D

  • 4 years ago

    Simple Plan Sebastien Lefebvre

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Meh, they're all hot in their own ways.

    Yet, Pierre and David are the most beautiful! x]

  • david all the way

    i love him cos hes funny

    he always make me laugh

    i love him becos he is DAVID! <33 ^___^

    Source(s): BIG FAN OF SP<3333
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