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What is the University of Minnesota like?

Its time to start looking at colleges and I was just wondering what the university of Minnesota-Twin Cities is like. I'm a junior in high school down in Madison, WI with a 3.55 GPA (on a 4.0 scale), 27 on ACT, and involved in 2 clubs. What are my chances of getting accepted? Also I am taking AP and honor classes. Thanks for the help

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    i've heard great things about the university of mn. since it's in the cities, there's SO much to do...the mall of america, hard rock, zoo, etc, etc. if you are going to go to school in mn, i would recommend that school just because of it's location. there are some other great private colleges like carlton college in northfield, but these colleges are in very rural areas, so if that's not your thing or you want a change of scenery frequently then u of m is probably a good choice.

    you should schedule a visit if you can. look on the website for their average SAT scores and GPAs of accepted applicants. call an admissions counselor and discuss exactly what requirements you need. best of luck!

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    You have the grades and scores to get in but U of M Twin Cities gets over 20,000 apllicants for freshman year and only accepts 5,000 so apply early. Its a great school with a beautiful campus and there is a lot to do downtown. A large percentage of students that go there are from MN.

    Good Luck

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    You'll probably get in. UM is a HUGE school right in the city...which means there are lots of people to meet and things to do, but it can be overwhelming.

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