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Program for speeding up pces?

Hello again i am looking now for a program that speed up pcs i got windows xp and its a bit slow some times i want smth that can clean the things i dont need and make it faster Thanks

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    Many things make up a fast computer some you can easily control and some you can't.

    1 you need a good virus program myself i use zone alarm for a firewall and avg for a cleaner this combo works very nice (both programs are free)

    2 You need to have a good spyware protector i use spy bot search and destroy (it is also free)

    3 you need to have a registry cleaner i use advanced system optimizer it cleans out your registry and does many other great features (this one is not free but worth the price

    4 A computer can start to slow down when their is to much junk on it usually this does not happen until you got about 1-2 gb left of space so i recommend deleting some files

    5 you can change computer settings but if you don't no what your doing i dont recommend it cause it can do bad damage to your computer.

    6 try not to run programs you do not need everything running takes up computer rpm. to see what your computer is running and how much rpm it is using you can use alt ctrl and delete button to show you.

    You can also get more rpm for your computer but that's hardware and you will probably need someone to do it for you.

    Here are the links to the software i recommended:

    Thats all the links to the free software anything else just google. Hope i helped to make your computer faster.

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    Most computers actually run slow because of a hidden part of your system, which is constantly being used by Windows. This part of your PC is called the "registry" and is the central database for Windows, which stores everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper. It's one of the most important parts of Windows and can easily make your PC run slow.The more corrupt registry files your computer has, the more it struggles to read them.The files which makes it run slower and slower. To fix this, you simply need to use a registry cleaner . These are small software tools which actually work by scanning through the registry and fixing any bad files that are in there. This then allows Windows to read as many files as it wants, when it wants to.

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    You need to clean it up follow the link it might help you

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