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twilight jacob and edward?

no twilight hate mail plz

do you think that in the movie twilight (not new moon) that taylor is hotter than his character jacob and that edward is hotter than the actor that plays him robert Pattinson


not a edward v.s jacob hottness question {although edward would win} buy a character v.s actor hottness question

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    I guess Taylor Lautner looks to good for the movie and the "Jacob" described in the book was normal but buff. Also Robert Pattinson seems urhhhh for the movie and the "Edward describe in the book was way to perfect. I guess you can't compare Edward to Robert Pattinson because Edward is supposed to be the immortal perfecter and its a pretty hard job to act as Edward. Jacob should be more down to earth.

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    Jacob is hotter then Edward in new moon

    its a very sad thing compare to the book.

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    I agree with you that Taylor is hotter than his character Jacob and that Edward is hotter than Rob.

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    haha yes,

    Taylor's hottter than his Twilight-movie Jacob character... in the movie Twilight though, i really love how all cutesy he is and... the smiles! the smiles during Jacob's very first scenes in Twilight! <33333

    and i agree with the second one...

    i just find Rob hotter with that bronze, tidy hair , and super-pale skin and stuff.... so yeah, i find the Rob-as-Edward hotter than Rob-in-real-life..


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    at first i didn't get what you meant, but yeah i agree. i love taylor, he is perfection to me. and as much as i love robert pattinson, i don't think he measures up to the image of the edward i had created in my mind. like his voice.

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    Taylor is exactly how I imagined Jacob.

    Edward would be more beautiful than Robert, but Rob is hot.

  • yeah, i think taylor is unbelievably hot!, i don't feel that rob lived up to the whole "perfect man" thing. I really dont find him attractive at all. Taylor to me seems like the "perfect" one! :)

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    I think edward is better.

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