18 and never been kissed. Need help cheering up?

I feel somewhat sad everyday because I have never even had my first kiss. Especially since all my friends had their first kisses at 14/15.

I am just going to try and settle for any girl now just to get my first kiss and cuddle with a girl. I don't care about it being special. I just want to be able to say I have had a girlfriend and have kissed before. It will make me a lot happier. I can't stand feeling sad every day and envying people who have had girlfriends.

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    Don't settle for any girl, wait for a special girl that you can like and will like you back.

    You will get hurt and regret not waiting more to be kissed and cuddled with a girl that you truly like.

    I'm a 19yr old girl that has never been cuddled and kissed. Am I ugly-no but it's not about looks. People have mixed reviews on you all the time. I just got a msg from someone that I don't know on Myspace telling me that I'm pretty/beautiful while there has been guys that say I'm ugly.

    But to each their own opinion, so don't take any negative comments from anyone, everyone is different.

    And no, being kissed by anyone wont make you happy, and if it does not for long, with sensible thinking. Having a gf takes time. Relationships aren't easy! You need make sure that you are a guy girls and guys can like and wants to be friends with.

    You're still young, as you grow and be social you'll meet people and in the mix of ppl, find that special girl.

    Don't settle or give yourself away (virginity) to just anyone!


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    I didn't kiss a girl until I was 20 because I was very shy and inexperienced at the time (I'd really like to have beaten myself some sense at the time for being such a wimp). When it happened it was nothing special. The basic idea was "that's it!?" But it was a good start as any to develop my kissing technique. I found out that there really is nothing to it if you learn to enjoy the moment without concentrating on the technique.

    Anyway, if you really want to get rid of that, go for a Girls Gone Wild event or something like that. It's still some months away, so you should have plenty of time to arrange the trip. Take some friends if you want, and buy plenty of bead necklaces (use only one at a time) so you can get plenty of practice.

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    i don't know why you care so much if you have not been kissed. "Love understands love" When you find a girl you like a lot you'll understand when it comes. Don't just start kissing someone that you don't like. And kisses are supposed to be special. otherwise it's not called a real kiss. Don't take it to seriously.you'll never find anyone when your looking. It sounds silly but it's so true. Stop looking, just wait till it comes. you'll be a lot happier, when you show feeling instead of kissing, because you want to tell your friends.

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    If i were you i'd wait for it to be special, im 17 and i never snogged but i have kissed a guys lips before, now i regret it because at the end of our relationship i ended up hating him-personal reasons, and im so happy i hadnt snogged him or anything

    Anyway, i dont think you should really think about what i said tbh, it changes from person to person because some people just dont se eit as a big deal, but pleaseee dont do something you dont want to just because of your friends


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    No dude. Don't give in! I'm 17 and I've never kissed a girl either. Don't let it be some random chick. Will that really be special? There are tons of other dudes out there like the rest of us, so you are not alone. Me? I'm waiting for a true relationship til I have my first kiss

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    it's normal..

    you shouldn't be sad.. i know a lot of people who haven't had their first kiss yet.. but if you want to change it then go out there and find a girl.. stop moping around it's obviously not helping you what so ever. so do something about it. you want it? get it! doing this is not gonna change anything..

  • Its ok that you haven't had your first kiss yet. I just had mine this summer. It was amazing BUT i know that I truly truly love him. And guess what. It was his FIRST kiss too!

    For a guy to be so sweetly Innocent is very rare these days.

    You should cling to that with all you have!!!

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    i didn't have my first kiss till i was 18 and in college and i didn't like it because the guy was just a random hook up i know things are different for guys but just wait you'll like it when its the right person

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    AWWW! I`m sorry. Well it`s good to find someone who is deserving of your lips since they are pure. You don`t want to just go off and kiss whoever. Just sayin where are guys like you????

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    Dude, girls aren't going to be coming to you. YOU have to be going to them! But then there's the laziness to it...I hope you're not waiting around for a girl to ask you out or something or for her to initiate contact.YOU have to initiate contact.


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