How many black supporters of Obama have heard of Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams?

These two gentlemen are super-intelligent conservative blacks who write weekly columns (you can read them at or, if you're lucky, in your local paper. Thomas Sowell is an economist and author of many best selling books. Walter Williams is an economics professor at George Mason University, an entertaining radio personality and he too is the author of several well respected books on economics.

Why am I asking? Because the mainstream media ignores opposing views to President Obama's agenda, lumping all opposition into vague groups such as "angry racist mobs financed by special interest groups". Sowell and Williams are smart, prominent blacks who disagree vehemently with Obama yet the mainstream media pays them no attention. I find it particularly frustrating because these men are economists with so much knowledge to offer and the mainstream media is doing a disservice to the public by not allowing their well-reasoned points of view to be heard. The coverage of this administration is one-sided and favorable to Obama.

To all of the conservative-haters on Y/A, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are what you would call INTELLECTUALLY HONEST. They make their cases by backing them up with facts as opposed to blaming George Bush, Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Neo-Cons, blah, blah, blah....

That they are black is irrelevant but I brought it up because several of my liberal black friends have never heard of Sowell and Williams and I wanted to see how many black Obama supporters on Y/A are similarly deprived of knowing these two brilliant minds.

Heck, you might decide to give them a read yourselves!


Ed J proves my point. He has nothing substantive to offer so he attacks. How do you know they didn't criticize George Bush? An INTELLECTUALLY HONEST person criticizes what they do not agree with. Many conservative pundits criticized George Bush for his runaway spending among other things. Don't blame them if George Bush wasn't listening.

Check mate, my friend.

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    Quick and easy answer, if they know of them and disagree with them they are "Uncle Toms" who have been brainwashed by the man.

    Look at how Bill Cosby was vilified when he said blacks should be more responsible.

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    I believe Michael Savage has had Sowell on as a guest before but then he gets ignored as a person of hate too...

    If you are not with the liberal agenda you are a hater of some sort.

    Most liberals really believe that. That they are the only enlightened ones.

    What many fail to realize or accept is that most conservatives were passionately liberal in our youths as well. That by the way includes Dr. Michael Savage. So we understand a whole lot more of their end of the stick than they realize. We just grew up.

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    3 years ago

    All men and women who're relatively at the within of this entire factor understand that almost all politicians within the understand are well acquaintances at the equal facet and simply faux to hate every different. It is us who're the truly enemies. But critically, if a liberal hears the phrases "Thomas Sowell" or "Walter Williams" they ask for the fellow on the counter to make one for them too. "Shaken now not stirred".

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    I am sorry to say most blacks don't read as much as they should and are basically followers. I have had political discussions with my brother and i have constantly showed him through articles and facts on the internet that debunks his argument....and he is a HS teacher on top of it.

    So because Sowell and Williams are not flaming liberals they are ignored by the main stream media and unfortunately that's were most blacks get their information.

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    I would be willing to bet that many of the same people that you are mentioning never heard of James T Harris of 620 WTMJ radio in Milwaukee, WI radio. He is a black conservative talk show host that argued with McCain to get tougher on his stance against President Candy-man during the elections. I try to listen to his podcasts when I can.

    Here is his link if you would like to listen

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    1 decade ago

    Visions - Well written article but you must remember that anyone who disagrees with the thoughts and ideas of the 'Anointed one' is going to be disagreed with vehemently, not to mention the fact that they will be criticized and in many cases ridiculed, but that's the trade mark of the 0bama administration. You address 'Intellectual Honesty' let's face it, honesty is not a trade mark that this administration is going to be remembered for by historians. - Again, Good Articel -

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    1 decade ago

    Where were these intelligent people while "little" georgie bush who had a MBA from the Harvard School of Business, was destroying the economics of this country?

    How much assistance did they offer bush?

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