Find the distance formula between the given points?

1. What is the distance between points E and B?

2.What is the distance between points B and D?

3.What is the distance between points A and F?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, it's really simple.

    Since you are given the points in the coordinate plane, you know that every point has x and y coordinates.

    let's do the first question and you'll try the rest by yourself.

    Let say the first point i.e E has (a,b) coordinate while the point B has (c,d) coordinate.

    Then all you have to do to find the distance is use this simple method.

    First do this.(c-a)2 + (d-a)2. That means subtract the coordinate of E from B then square it. then add your square products and put them under the square root.

    Source(s): I learnt it recently(about a year ago)
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