How can Obama not be destroying America and setting up a totalitarian political system?

He has appointed dozens of "Cazars" to take over agencies that already have heads so they answer only to him which is unconstitutional and just a appointed a new "Diversity" FCC Czar to weed out opposing views and stack the deck in his agenda

He has an official telling people to turn in their fellow citizens if they disagree with his health care plan on a site and wants to kill age 65 and over seniors to save medical costs

He has put out terrorist suspect list which include people having opposing views on a New World Order, abortion, gun control, believe in end time prophecy (which includes a build up towards a world dictatorship)

Has declare America no longer a Christian nation but instead has said it is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world

he signed an agreement at the G20 summit to allow the U.S. banking to be controlled by an international financial group made up of foreign interests (we are to be ruled by others financially which is the main way to control people)

he is going along with Congress and spending trillions of money without any regard to balance a budget and caring how to pay for it since the money printing presses are going full bore which will only lead to very high taxes and inflation

Has repeatedly stated he wants a civilian security force armed and equipped as good or better than the military (this is the most dangerous plan of all)

There is more but really look at this and know that it is real and happening and is not a movie.


Interesting how some peole say there is no death panel wuill there was in the healthcare bill a provision to end your life if you were 65 or older not not admit this is dishonest or ignorant. The curren VA phamphlet does give the end of life option since it's reprinting recently.

Carzs are a way of cicumventing appointments to offices by putting you front man there to get your policy more entrched. bush has about 4 appointed and Obama has afe dozen. The constitution says no titles of nobility should be used so it is also illegal for that reason. The carzs are a way to increase power and control over the nation. They should all be removed. Example: ther is a border cazar when already we have ICE and Homeland Security

we are involved in international banking but I am not aware that our banks are being regulated by a international conglomerate as to be done by the effect of the G20 summit.

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    President Obama is most definitely not trying to destroy the country. He is instead trying to address extremely serious problems that have been decades in the making.

    All of your allegations are based on false premises. The "czars" are staff members and their appointments are not unconstitutional. Helping the president to keep track of what is going on regarding issues that span several federal agencies is a more efficient way of running government. There is nothing sinister in it and the attempts to make it appear so are weak and unfounded. He is certainly not the first president to use the so-called "czars" and he won't be the last.

    President Obama is not telling people to turn others in. The White House was trying to keep track of the many lies that were being spread about the proposed health care legislation in order to try to counter them. This is similar to the website that Obama established during his campaign that kept track of the smears that were being perpetuated against him. The Kerry campaign taught many Democrats a serious lesson in how lies and smears can undermine a campaign.

    Terrorist suspect lists were maintained during the Bush administration and are not an Obama invention. Various extremist groups are on such lists.

    Obama has said no such thing about this being a Muslim nation. We have always been part of the international banking community and our most recent situation that nearly resulted in financial collapse highlighted the interconnectivity of the banking systems of several countries. Note that the federal government had to act quickly to keep the financial system from completely collapsing.

    The additional spending is part of an effort to help the economy recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression. The record deficits and most of the enormous debt were left by the Bush administration. On top of that, the previous administration left the country's economy in a deplorable and declining state. Obama has tried to address the situation by allocating government funds to try to stimulate the economy. It is a Keynesian approach and it seems to be working.

    The civilian force that Obama has proposed appears to be similar to Americorps and, based on the description, seems to be a good idea.

    You have put together a list of reasons to criticize President Obama but each one seems to be based on faulty and extremely biased conclusions.

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    Could anyone of you please explain the difference between plain vanilla and French vanilla? I'm French, never heard of something like that? For us in France, your system with two big parties seems really odd, here, even for the extreme left, we must have at least 3 parties: Ligue communiste révolutionnaire Parti communiste and the third one, I can't recall. Ar our last elections, we thought a big party of the center (recently named Parti Démocrate by François Bayrou) has made enough votes in the first tour to have consistent weight on the second, but Sarkozy (you know, our little nervous president, recently divorced?) put so much pressure on the politicians that poor Bayrou is almost alone in his partie now. Oh yes, we have many parties, but in the end, what's the difference ? big party at the right side of the check (UMP with Sarkozy) and the left is represented by the parti socialist who is no longer socialist and very much divided now... What's in for the Frenchies? You have to work more and get paid less, when you have the chance to have a job. I, personnally have two masters and no hope to find a job anytime soon. France is no more a paradise than any other "rich" countries, it's always paradise for a happy few.

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    I put this in once already. There is no death panel. Come on. Terrorists list have been around since 9/11 nothing new.Obama is a christian so i do not understand you statement there. U.S. banking is not controlled by foreigners. We borrow from them if thats what your refering to. Stimulus money was in place when bush was in office. Never heard of the civilian armed force but that sounds way out there like you death panel.

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    Well, he didn't state it quite like that, but I see you find the same despotic agenda by reading between the lines as a lot of your fellow citizens do.

    Obama is a tyrant.

    Obama is an Alenskyite.

    Obama is anti-American.

    Obama isn't an idiot, he KNOWS exactly what he is doing. It is the ignorant voters being directed by the Media Propaganda Machine and being indoctrinated by Leftist teachers that are the problem.

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    Still haven't had an answer from the left yea? lol I have the same situation with my questions.

    You hear about Obama's financing into Brazil drilling oil? The left doesn't seem to know about it as well. Or wish to answer it.

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    obama is a puppet for the elite and was chosen by the elite to deceive the black community into thinking that he is different from the rest of the puppets that were in office that took the oath(r.i.p. jfk)

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