How can Obama not be destroying America and setting up a totalitarian political system?

He has appointed dozens of "Cazars" to take over agencies that already have heads so they answer only to him which is unconstitutional and just a appointed a new "Diversity" FCC Czar to weed out opposing views and stack the deck in his agenda

He has an official telling people to turn in their fellow citizens if they disagree with his health care plan on a site and wants to kill age 65 and over seniors to save medical costs

He has put out terrorist suspect list which include people having opposing views on a New World Order, abortion, gun control, believe in end time prophecy (which includes a build up towards a world dictatorship)

Has declare America no longer a Christian nation but instead has said it is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world

he signed an agreement at the G20 summit to allow the U.S. banking to be controlled by an international financial group made up of foreign interests (we are to be ruled by others financially which is the main way to control people)

he is going along with Congress and spending trillions of money without any regard to balance a budget and caring how to pay for it since the money printing presses are going full bore which will only lead to very high taxes and inflation

Has repeatedly stated he wants a civilian security force armed and equipped as good or better than the military (this is the most dangerous plan of all)

There is more but really look at this and know that it is real and happening and is not a movie.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your views are really out there. Do you really believe there is still a death panel. I have some swamp land in florida you can build a high rise on if you like. Get real. Use your head.

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