is there a relation between the words "Azrael" the angel of death and "Israel"? what's your take?

good morning/evening/night dear Muslims around the globe. any connections between these words or just a coincidence? thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas.


Belfast Girl: hey look up the bombs aimed at Belfast, girl! :)) but seriously, I've read both Bible and Qur'an, and I can most certainly say which one is more like what you said.

Update 2:

it's now a good answer Khalid, thank you.

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    Israel is actually two words , Isra and mean slave and El which mean GOD is it is GOD's SLAVE.

    and its mentioned in Quran as A name of the prophet Jacob. Israel has that name according to the prophet Jacob who sent to them to tell them about Islam and be faithful to Allah, but you talking about is just a coincidence.

    Allah is the most knowing.

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      Not true, Ezra/Isra means help --- God helps. Ebed means slave. Israel is a Hebrew word. Israel was a nation long before the religion of Islam was created by Muhammad.

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    Peace be unto you, this is a common wrong information amongst the Muslims that the Angel of Death is called Azrael, however, this is not true, his name is the Angel of Death, no more, no less, who's Azrael, I don't know but I heard that he's a different Angel who has a different mission. As for the words Azrael and Israel, no these words have no relation in Arabic.

    Azrael: عزرائيل

    Israel: إسرائيل

    I hope that answers your question.


    • Azrael is the Hebrew/Christian name for the Angel of Death one of the ArchAngels, the name Azrael translates to one whom god helps. If im correct the Quran refers to the Angel of Death as Malak al-Maut dont quote me on that not positive if im correct please let me know.

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    there are Angels who take life, and not just an angel, there is NO such name as Izrael, as angel of death in Glorious Quran ,since Glorious Quran is complete 6:114,complete and perfect nothing is left out of The Book 6:38,12:111

    • Azrael is what you are referring to and its the name the Hebrew/Christians use for the same ArchAngel if im correct the quran refers to the angel as Malak al-Maut. But the name Israel comes from the book of Genesis its the name given to Jacob after he wrestled with god and humans and won

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    no its just a Coincidence Jacob acquired the name after Israel after he wrestled with god and with humans the name Israel does not mean Gods Slave it means but a combination of Hebrew words that mean Wrestle and God or in essence one who wrestles with god. Also might be linked to Semitic languages from syria which would mean god rules

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    im not answering this ques. im just replying to the belfast girl or whatever her name is. what do you mean by islam is a hateful culture? mind your words or you will get it

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    azrael is maalikul mawt(angel of death) israel means el(god) prevails (as if he can fail). and the only cult i see are the three in one god belivers.did abraham ,moses or noah belive in three?no they belived in one so the cult popped up with those hippies of nicea with that new idea that wasnt promoted by christ.

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    No, no connection at all.

    Israel was actually the name a prophet was known by, I believe it was Yaqoob (as) who was also known by the name Israel hence Bani Israel (children of Israel)

    Israel the PROPHET not STATE / COUNTRY

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    Jacob (Arabic: يعقوب‎,) is renamed Israel(Arabic: اسرائيل‎, ) after successfully wrestling with an angel of God.

    Azra'il (عزرائيل) is Arabic Pagon God of Death...addapted in Quran likewise you know why...just because they are phonic resemblance.

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    One is the angel of death

    One is an opressive country.

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