Hi Id like to know what excatly is marian smart plant material management system?

I know that´s something related to oil industry.

I want want to have an accurate definition and Id like to know where could I learn about it.

Do you know websites that show more details about the system.

Please I need the answer!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Smart Plant Material is an integrated solution for media asset management. It covers Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

    It begins with setting up a material library. In the project phase, the engineer makes a request of the materials that are sent to a supply team for cotation price and after make the purchase order.

    While Smart Plant Material purchased not arrive must be done a material expediting to monitoring the delivery and quality of the purchased material.

    After this fase when material comes, using the software the distributing are made in wharehouses.

    Once received and distributed the material by the wharehouses with the same software is organized plan for construction.

    Sergio Lopes de Souza Junior

    Smart Plant Material Manager

  • 4 years ago

    Smartplant Materials

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