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Casual Encounters/Personal Ads on Craigslist: How Safe is it?

I'm nowhere brave enough to post or respond to an ad in this section of Craigslist, but I've very curious about it! Obviously one must be very careful about screening responses to the ads on here, but does this system actually work? Has anyone here actually used it?

I'm baffled by the concept-- It sounds so sketchy.

I guess I was just wondering how safe it was, and if anyone here has actually used it. (If you're shameless enough to admit it at least, haha). Do you have any tips for keeping safe?

I don't know how I'd feel about using it myself.

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    The news is full of stories about people getting murdered after meeting someone from this list.

    I had a co-worker who met a man on craigslist.

    She even talked to him every morning while she rode the bus to work. Then she would call him at lunch time and they would have these hot and heavy conversations.

    Conversations that would send her to the ladies for relief.

    Yeah, that kind. Well she decided to meet him and they met at a family restaurant.

    I went as a safety. I got there 1hr earlier and sat at the far end of the bar, she came in later and he was about 5 minutes after her.

    They had drinks and giggles and then she looked at him, smiled and went to the ladies.

    I followed and she said that he wanted her panties.

    I told her to dump this creep. She sat and talked a little longer and then he left and then she left.

    I sat and waited for her to come back in and we took a cab home. They continued to talk on the phone but not as much and then when the holidays rolled around he dumped her.

    She was very heartbroken but she was alive.

    That guy was creepy and he carried a purse and wanted to know about her sex life with other men, and wanted a three-way with another man!!

    Be very careful because the people on that site are wack-o's and very dangerous.

    Try the Christian Dating least they can quote scripture before they chop off your head. LOL LOL LOL

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    I recently just found out My boyfriend/fiancé of 7 years had sex with someone off of Craigslist/back page while he was away at work. Now he's been accusing me of cheating and having sex with someone in the bathroom while hes in the next room and can hear it. I don't know if he's acting like this because of a guilty conscience or if he's losing it. ( there's more to the reasons why I think he losing it). We have a 4 year old little girl y to

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    just look @ channel 5 news

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