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I need to know the easiest & cheapest way to travel from munich to nice, france?

and how to find this info online... If anybody knows how long is a flight from madrid to munich that would be helpful too


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    Nice airport is mainly served by low cost airlines: Air Berlin, Easy Jet, Transavia, Jet2,...

    From Munich, Air Berlin would probably offer the best deal.

    A flight Munich - Madrid lasts 2h35 . Direct flights are maintained by Lufthansa or Iberia. Otherwise you may get cheaper stopover flight with Air Berlin.

    Finding online the cheapest flight for you is the job of flights brokers/ booking sites. The best ones are listed here: (in German).

    You have similar sites in English (prices in $ or British pounds) : (including Travelocity which usually quotes very cheap deals for international flights).

    Most of those booking sites do not consider low cost no frills airlines. So it is worth checking low cost airlines too, when travleling to or from a regional airport


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    Germanwings has cheap flights from Munich to Nice, so try with

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    2.5 hours flighton iberia.

    Lufthansa direct for $236 USD return fare from 16oct to 23 oct for a week and flight is of 1h 20 min.

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    You can get a very cheap fare on Air Berlin for a one way subject to the specific booking class availability ONLY. The cheapest one-way fare is EUR 4.00 + any applicable taxes which might cost (EUR 120.00-EUR 130.00) so the total amount could be EUR 134.00 but be very care-full as this fares are very very restricted so you better check the fare-rules. You may also like to use the train as that could cost less but more travel time...

    Goodluck & enjoy your trip...

    Source(s): I am a travel agent based in the Middle-East (Doha, Qatar).
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