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Is there a combat engineering job in the air force?

i know there is combat engineering for the army and marines but the air force seems alot better benefits wise. So if anyone knows if there is a unit for the air force and if its in high demand would be much appreciated.

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    These are all of the air force engineering afsc's

    Civil Engineering

    3E0X1 -- Electrical

    3E0X2 -- Electrical Power Production

    3E1X1 -- Heating, Ventilation, AC, & Refrigeration

    3E2X1 -- Pavement and Construction Equipment

    3E3X1 -- Structural

    3E4X1 -- Utilities Systems

    3E4X2 -- Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance

    3E4X3 -- Environmental

    3E5X1 -- Engineering

    3E6X1 -- Operations Management

    3E7X1 -- Fire Protection

    3E8X1 -- Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    3E9X1 -- Readiness

    There is no combat engineer air force specialty code

    The only ground combat jobs in the air force are:

    1C4X1 - Tactical Air Control and Command

    3P0X1 - Security Forces

    1C2X1 - Combat Control

    1T2X1 - Pararescue

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