Why being gay or bisexual considered a sin?

I am not exactly sure, whether I'm gay or I'm bisexual, but I really like boys and girls at the same time, but I kind of get attracted more to boys. But, I also love girls and I love hanging out with them and I am also attracted to pretty girls, so I know that half or more than half of me, is gay.

I'm 16 and I am an Egyptian living in Egypt and it is so difficult to survive here this way.

I was thinking about travelling abroad, to the US/Canada/UK to go to college there, because I have read and heard about that it's easier for me to live there, however, I chatted with a gay boy and he told me in the US, life is difficult too there. I know that life in general, anywhere in the world is going to be difficult but it's more and more difficult for people like me.

I have never told anyone except my mum that I am bisexual, because she found out about me, searching about gay people and stuff, so she began to wonder, and she came to me and talked to me. I was so embarrassed, so scared, I was 13 or younger when that happened.

So to escape from the interrogation, I told her that I'm bisexual, but she has always hated homosexuals and she has always mentioned it several times infront of me but that was before I told her I was bisexual.

My mum has lived almost all of her life outside of Egypt, but she is Egyptian, also, she's not religious at all, she's not veiled and her father was an ambassador so she travelled a lot, to France, Belgium, Italy, UK and Kenya. She only came to live in Egypt when she got married to my father. I'm telling you this because she's open-minded and I realised after I told her, (or was forced to tell her that I'm bisexual) that she doesn't hate gay people/bisexuals as she used to before. My father is the complete opposite, he found out too, through the computer, gay history, and he told me, but I told him that I was just curious, that's all. I was playing dumb, but he was not convinced and from that day, he always embarrasses me and mocks me, like for example we were listening to an Arabic song, a woman was singing the song and we were in the car, so I told him I love this song and I love this singer. So he shouts infront of my mum and my sister, you love her! how do you love her and he says something really embarrassing in Arabic but I can't find the right words in English to say it, anyway he meant that how do I love this FEMALE singer and I am gay!

I have got many many stories to recite, and I was planning on writing a book about my life, or more like the life of gay people living in this place called ''the third world'' or the middle east. How they suffer, and all they get from normal people is ''blind'' hatred.

I do not hate my father, but he hates gay people and I think that he is ashamed that he has got a gay/bisexual son..whatever he thinks I am, but I am really hopeless and wanted to talk to anyone and wanted someone to help me or just say something nice to me, because I'm in desperate need of it.

Also, should I travel abroad and go to college in somewhere I can live peacefully and BE FREE and above all, be myself and stop pretending I'm someone else.

So, should I leave this country, that does not in any way welcome gay people, and head to a place where at least I can live normally and to live peacefully on my own.. or what ?

Sorry, it's too long. Thank you so much.


I have never told anyone that I'm Bi, but I do not act gay in public so none of my friends know, but they hate gay people also and always make fun of them.

What do you think ? ..sorry but I want to cram all my questions here, sorry I'm freaking out lol.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ignorant, thoughtless people consider it a sin.

    But love is not a sin.

    Anyway, if you study in the United States, go to a school either on the East Coast (Washington DC and north, like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia), the West Coast (like San Francisco / Berkeley, Los Angeles, Seattle), or large cities like Chicago. Those tend to be gay-friendly areas.

    If you study anywhere in western Europe (including the South of England, like London, Cambridge and Oxford) or Canada, you should be fine and happy.

    I think you should get out of Egypt if you wish to pursue life as gay or bisexual without fear.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you're thinking about traveling abroad then you should go to the UK, Canada or Australia, because the US is usually a bit more conservative about that kind of thing. It would definitely be easier than Egypt, though. Its important for you to know that no matter what your parents say, there is NOTHING wrong with being gay or bi.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To answer your first question, homosexuality is regarded as a sin because it doesn't produce offspring. Therefore, according to orthodox Judeo-Christian laws it is immoral and unnatural. It really depends what religion you're talking about.

    About leaving your country, I think you should seriously speak to both your parents about the issue, have things planned out first of course, this personal family matter is and should only be your business.

    And about studying abroad, it's a very good idea. I would like to study abroad somewhere in Europe myself. Look up good and renown universities that offer whatever courses and careers you are looking at.


    Good luck on the parents!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends where in the US. There are two Americas: The conservative Neanderthals in 90% of the country, and the civilized ones on the West Coast and East Coast (till about Virginia), and some enlightened islands (Chicago; Reno) in between. If you study in NYC or San Francisco, you should have no problems at all with being gay.

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  • aimone
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    3 years ago

    According to the Bible, it is a sin. Now I'm a homosexual atheist and I've on no account relied on the Bible, so I do not quite realize what you will have to do, however do not comply with any faith blindly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    there is no way i would ever read all of this but, i thinks its because its not the way that god intended us to be, sex is suppose to be for mating more so than pleasure, (infact humans and dolphans are the only animals that get pleasure from sex) otherwise its a person lifestyle choice

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