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Easy World of Warcraft question plz answer?


Alright, I want to go back to wow since its fun again, but I need to make sure, I got all the disks to install the game and if I go to the store (EB Games) and get a prepaid card will I be able to play? WILL PICK BEST ANSWER THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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    Yes, also, make sure you haven't uninstalled the game. If you haven't you can start playing immediately. If you have see below.

    Have all your discs? If so, simply install ALL of the expansions first and then proceed to patch download.

    If you don't have all of your discs you may go to and simply download the entire game and expansion packs once again. Be forewarned that this takes a VERY long time to do as it's a significantly large amount of data to download.

    Hopefully this will help you out and best of luck to you in Azeroth.

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    You don't need the cds to install the game anymore, thanks to the 10-day free trial, you can "make a trial account" but before you actually get to the screen where you put in info, theres a small installation button in the bottom right corner of the screen, it gives the option to just download the game directly for PC or Mac.

    And any prepaid card will work if it hasn't expired or been used up.

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    If you already have a WoW account, then you can go to Then click account management, and then you can install the game without a disc.

    Or if you canceled you account already you can call blizzard and they can reactivate it for you.

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    yes, you don't need to create another account by Authentication Key. only thing you need to do is buy some play time, you can buy 60-Day Pre-Paid Game time here:

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    yeah all of your cd keys should be stored to your account all you need is to buy some play time :)

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