days of our lives mia?

how old is mia in real life...


is that her real hair?

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    PLACE OF BIRTH: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    DATE OF BIRTH: October 23, 1993 15

    As a star of NBC's "Days of Our Lives," 15-year-old Taylor Spreitler is one of the youngest actors on daytime TV, and her portrayal of "Mia" is garnering rave reviews. In real life Taylor is a cool, down-to-earth girl with an amazing sense of style and an eye for fashion! Here, Taylor Spreitler shares some of her fashion advice:

    About Taylor:

    When she's not working in Los Angeles, Spreitler is back in Mississippi at her home near Tupelo helping her parents raise and train working German Shepherds. Spreitler also enjoys horseback riding, bowling, hanging out with friends, shopping, and collecting Marilyn Monroe items.....I would say that is her hair.


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    Mia thinks Sydney is her daughter & Grace was Sami's. The truth is Grace is Mia's baby but they DON'T know that. Now, fat head AKA Chad and Mia's baby daddy wanted a DNA test. Stefano and Nicole were freaking out b/c obviously Fat head(Chad) isn't going to match to baby Sydney. They told Mia to tell Chad she slept around & isn't sure who the father is. Why? to make Fat head(Chad) NOT want the DNA test.Will heard her lying & broke up with her. No, it's NOT true Mia only had sex with fat head and is 100% who her baby's daddy is. Nicole is just being a self centered betch like ALWAYS not carrying if she's hurting a young girl. GRACE=MIA AND CHADS BABY SYDNEY=SAMI AND EJ'S DAUGHTER.

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    She's 15.

    And I have no clue. It does look like a wig to me. O_O

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