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How did the enlightment concepts that had their roots in europe affect the american colonists realationships?

How did the enlightment concepts that had their roots in europe afftect the american colonists realationships with britain?

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    well thomas paine was a european from the enlightenment who came up with the idea of the universal human rights of life libery and property. of course this is exactly what thomas jefferson wrote in the declaration of independence except that he changed property with "the pursuit of happiness". also, democracy had a a root in greece, europe, and the colonies were not being represented in that democracy, in parliament. therefore, their relationship was not a good one because their beliefs, which originated in europe, were not being honored by England.

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    So you expected every single person that lived in Europe at the time of Columbus "discovering" America, to board every ship ever made at the time, and set sail across the ocean? I wonder how many boats that would have took considering there were millions living in Europe at the time! You question doesn't make sense.It doesn't take a WHOLE continent to move somewhere else to be considered colonization! Go back to social studies class.

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    it affected their relationship because enlightenment ideas prompted action and gave colonist a philosophical foiting for their revolution.

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