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what is Compatible with goldfish?

particually a black moor, i use to have 2 black moors, 5 minnows, and 2 weather laoches living in im sad ot say 17 litres, well over time all 5 minnows vanished [i recon the black moor must of eaten them] a black moors swim bladder went and it died, and a laoch swam down my old pump and died the stupdi thing aha i also had 2 fan tials with the minnows and laoches before the black moors, again ones swim bladder failed and the other got far to big and moved ot a poond[ i htink this "they only grow to thesize of the tank" is rubbish coz my fantails did not sotp growing at all it was almost the length of my old tank. but anyway.

know this is asked all the time but i see such mixed answers, i've heard plecos are ok but ive ehard a lot of horror stories so they are a nono

i just bout a new 150 litre tank and my blakcmoor and loach r living happily together, infact they have really strong bond, they often lienext to each other or on top of each other and siwm with each other itsk idna cute

now im thinking of gettin a ryukin, pearlscale and possibly oranda

are there nay other fresh water fish that would do ok in ther,e like an american flag fish ro something?

or a lobsteR? or will the loach have that?

thanks x

oh and sorry for typos, im a bit dyslexic x

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    I agree with Vulcan, sticking just with Fancy Goldfish is the way to go.

    Now, goldfish can get quite large (rule of thumb is 10 gallons per fish), so you'll only be able to stock 3 goldfish in your tank. With the loach in there, its probably best just to get one or two more.

    As for choices of goldfish, Black Moors are "slow swimmers", because of their "bubble" eyes they are practically blind. This makes them unable to compete for food from other, more active fish like minnows and even some other species of goldfish! It is best to get other goldfish that also have this handicap: Bubble Eye, Celestial Eye, and Telescope Goldfish are all slow swimmers and have the "bubble eye" appearance, and any one of these would live happily with your Black Moor.

    Here are some links to these species:

    Lobsters are a bad idea, especially with the goldfish. Blue Lobsters, for example, grow up to 15cm and will readily eat any small fish that isn't fast enough to swim away.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Months and months of research for my own fish.
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    hi Winnie, even even with the undeniable fact which you have a clean tank i'm afraid it relatively is too small for the two Goldfish you have already got, a 20 gallon may be greater advantageous. i might propose a minimum of a 40 gallon tank with helpful filtration for 4 Goldfish & even then it would probable choose upgrading faster or later. on the compatibility ingredient there at the instant are not many fish which will fortunately coexist with Goldfish different than climate Loaches as numerous human beings have already reported. Even mixing fancy (fat-bodied) & non fancy (streamlined) Goldies interior an identical tank isn't recommended because of the fact the streamlined fish will only approximately forever beat the others to the foodstuff.

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    When i put new fish with my goldfish, it killed the ones that were previously there first. So when i buy fish, i buy them at the same time to stop this problem which has happend twice. So yeah :/

    I dont know why just after a week or so.


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    butterfly plecos, you are picking fancy goldfish that are really hard to keep only for the most experianced, swimbladder is usually brought on by chilling if you didnt have luck with the black moors try something easier like a comet.

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    If you are purchasing fancy goldfish, then stick with fancy goldfish only.

    Three fancy goldfish fully stock the 150 liter tank.

    ~Bickster- The Chinese algae eater would harass the goldfish and suck at its slimecoat. Hardly an appropriate combination.

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    gold or chinese algae eaters do well with goldfish

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